Monday, January 02, 2006

For Christ sake. I just wrote the longest blog post EVER and it disapeared when I was copying and pasting it into Word in case it didn't work. It's my fault because I find the lack of mouse awkward on my laptop. I'm trying not to curse.

Summary of blog:

- I'm going to Pittsburgh next week.
- I start getting tips next week.
- I'm tired.
- I'm going to the gym cause I'm getting fat.
- I got hurt on a rollercoaster.
- My family's visit was qutie lovely and I'm glad they were here.
- I wore shorts and a tank top today and yesteday. Outside. Take that, Canada!
- I am going to be better at keeping in touch with you all.
- I saw John Stamos.
- Jesus ate at Le Cellier and I got to walk by him and clear his table.

The end.

Ugh. *(*$#*(%

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