Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yay, so I'm awake because I keep having dreams about forgetting about people's allergies and therefore getting fired.

The only good thing about this is that I realised at some point during my random wakings and two-minute sleeps that I had set my alarm too early as today is Wednesday and my shift today doesn't start untl 11:15, not 10:15 as I had thought.

On Monday night and yesterday at work some people were complaining about the election results. I asked the complainers if any of them had voted and they all said no. I remember back in early January how I thought about organising something so we could all send off our voting paperwork together but, of course, forgot and found myself remembering at inappropriate moments.

Ooh, on Monday I got to serve the VP of Food and Beverage for Epcot. I'm not sure why I served his party given that I was easily the newest server on the floor (hola, dia numero dos!) but I imagine it's because we have been extremely short-staffed and I was probably the only one with a table open at the time he checked in. Important people don't have to wait at Le Cellier ;) My manager told me yesterday morning that Mr. Big Shot, (and I don't mean that in a rude way,) had emailed him and said I did a great job. Woohoo! Probably because he didn't have any allergies so I didn't accidently kill him.

My first day serving, Sunday, I had a guest ask to speak to the manager since I wasn't apologetic enough about a mistake I had made. (I didn't realise one of our sauces was available at suppertime only.) I don't think the manager on duty cared too much since the guest was being a winer and was a castmember. It's sad, but sometimes castmembers put ridiculously high expections on us. The table next to them, most likely, overheard and then they asked to speak to the manager before they headed out. However, they raved about me so all was good. They were probably happy they didn't have any allergies or else I probably would have forgotten about them and accidently killed the entire party.

I really don't want to get deported =( Tear. Cry. Sad. And yes, it is worth losing sleep over and putting myself though intensive retail therapy.

In a somewhat related note, I quite love working the lunch shift. The money isn't nearly as good as a dinner shift, but I love having free evenings! On Sunday after work I went to the Olive Garden with two of the other newest servers and it was soooo good. Pretty cheap too! (Guess I'm getting used to WDW prices... ;) ) On Monday night after work I wandered around Epcot looking to spend money and enjoy some rides. I ran into a friend, Kaitlyn, rather randomly so we ended up staying until close. Last night Vanessa and I took off to Disney-MGM Studios after work to also spend money and have some fun. It's not that I'm making boatloads of money or anything, but we are currently getting 40% off merchandise as part of our company Christmas present so I'm being proactive and buying stuff I know I'll want before I go home. So I'm buying August's souvenirs today! I will admit though, I probably wouldn't be spending quite so much if I wasn't leaving work with a nice wad o' bills in my pocket at the end of my shift. Hmm....

Today's shift will be a good one. I can tell. Cross yer fingers fer me!

Back, I say back, to bed I say.

And to reset my alarm!!


Guillaume said...

Hey Jen,

Sorry to hear that some customers are very annoying and complaining too much! Hope you won't be fire right away 'cause I'm coming very soon so I'd like to see what you look like! LOL!
Anyway, thanks for keeping up to date your blog. Good luck on your work!
C Ya'

mim said...

Hiya Jen!

Hope that you did have a good day! Serving sounds quite scary! i think im a bit like you - a bit of a Dory! il b writing everything down - we are allowed to right? Sorry... maybe i shud start at the beginning!! hehe, my name is Gemma and i start on the WDWIP in March! UK f&b!! hope you dont get termed then il see you there soon!


Jen said...

Hey guys!

Hopefully I'll get to meet you all... I have no plans of getting sent home ;)

Serving can be a bit scary, but it's mostly because people build it up so much. Really, you just keep incredibly busy (Americans drink so much pop!) but the basics of it are really simple. And yup, you are allowed to right down everything. Thank God or I would be tryig to switch to merch! ;)


Anne said...

wow, lives are in your hands! Just like being a doctor... or something like that. Good luck with not killing people!

- Anne