Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hmm, such an up-and-down day today.

If I come home from Florida early I can tell you exactly why ahead of time: I'll get fired for forgetting about peoples' allergies. Basically, you get fired if you forget about an allergy more than two times. Even if you remember and tell the chef but forget to put it in the computer. So, by day three of my serving career, I have already forgotten once. It's kind of depressing because I knew my ass was covered before and I was not doing anything that would ever get me termed. So this will be it. Seriously. I have SUCH issues with my short-term memory that I feel like I should run a lottery on what month I'll be deported back to Canada. So I'm a bit bummed. I had a rather bad start today with issues at two of my first three tables. However, the nice thing is every table is a fresh start and the new guests don't know that you messed you severley on the previous table or that you drop a bunch of bread and butter on the dining room floor. Sigh. So I had a bit of a stupid day and quite want a day off. Frankly, I don't like the weight of constantly wonder whether I'm going to kill someone by serving them food. Sigh. So yup, good times. Whatever.

So I made it to Pittsburgh and it was good fun! It was awesome to see Emily! I'm definitely going back at some point. It was kind of interesting to be in an actual American city rather than Disney World... There are some cultural differences. Yup.

I'm glum thus heading to bed. See you in February when I get deported.

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