Thursday, December 22, 2005

Meeeeh.... I've been recovering from a bit of a nasty cold. It, combined with nine consecutive days of work, four eleven-hour days and minimal sleep from excessive coughing, has left me rather exhausted! I'm so sloth like. I'm off today and was going to go to the gym but slept, watched tv and ate Skittles instead.

It's quite terrible. I bought Christmas cards before I went to New York. They are all filled in and ready to post, but God forbid I find a place that sells the appropriate stamps. I should have just bought stamps and covered the envelopes with them but I was a knob and though I would find a place with the exact postage. Ha, what a fool I am. So let it be known that I have Christmas cards for lots of people, but the cards are still sitting in my purse. It's not that I don't love you, it's that it would take me two hours, (at least!) to walk to the Post Office. Bloody hell.

Man, I'm lazy today. Between my laziness and my passion for a giant bag of Skittles that was given to me for my birthday we're going to need a forklift to move me into the New Year.

In GREAT news I now have cough syrup! This is HUGE, and I'm sure my roommate will be thrilled. Seriously. I'm lucky though, a lot of people get colds or sick within a couple of weeks of being here. My immune system held strong untl now!

Things I did in New York City: Empire State Building at night, Central Park by the chilly day, wandered about Times Square/5th Avenue/6th Avenue by night, got to be ON TV.

By TV I really mean TELEVISION.

Seriously, Sonia and I got up early and after asking many people for directions found the outdoors taping on the Early Show for CBS. We got free bagels, cookies, hot chocolate, coffee and tea and got to cheer when they went outside for filming. It was nice to be famous for three seconds.

I just realised that although I bought this cough syrup, I haven't taken it yet. However, I have drinken about a half-litre of orange juice in the past two hours. Good thing I bought the reduced-calorie stuff.... (See previous fork lift comment.)

Umm, done.


Anonymous said...

Hint on the post office situation: the UPS store next to Publix can meter-mail them for you and send them via USPS for the same price as the post office!

Anonymous said...

Waiting for the Happy New Year blog, well, better late than never?
maybe too busy with "the family"
Happy New Year to you and hope 2006 is as exciting and interesting as 2005
You know who (hint) Kirkcaldy