Monday, January 09, 2006

It's a Wonderful Life

Well, I should be in bed, sleeping. But I have other things on my mind this evening... Like how I should be emailing people, (thanks for the Christmas wishes, everyone!, and Happy Engagement to Kiki!) but can't even decide with whom to begin since I am, as per usual, massively far behind in emailing.

I'm going to be proactive. All those folks with birthdays at some point in 2006? Happy Birthday, [insert name]!

So what is on my mind is my life since May 2004. Basically since I left PEI on a permament, non-school basis. Lord, basically since I have left the country, ha ha! Heh. So yup, just scanning my mind as to what I would be doing now if I hadn't left Canada or, more specifically, PEI.

Wee PEI, how precious you are.

I wonder how many new people I would have met, I wonder where I would be working, and I wonder if I would still go to the Wave. Probably not that much, as the novelty wears thin once you realise the main draw of going to the Wave was seeing those people that you weren't super close with, but still liked to randomly sit with and chat for awhile.

I don't know what to do in October... I'd like to start working on getting a proper career, but there is still other stuff I want to do. I want to go live in France, but sometimes I get sick of being so far away from home. A trip home is planned a least a month in advance instead of the 15 minutes it would require to plan a quick weekend trip home if I lived in the maritimes. Despites this, I'm rather bitter that my UK work permit will expire at the end of April. That will be a sad day. It feels like I'm watching ice cream melt in the heat and can't reach it to eat it. My work permit is going to waste! I quite miss Edinburgh and find my mind rolling back to grade-twelve economics and first-year economics at fabulous UPEI... The opporunity cost of an action. In economics you can literally put a dollar figure on it, but this is more qualitative. I could make it quantitative by figuring out the wage I would have earned in the UK (minus expenses) versus that of a similar job in Canada. However, if in Canada, I would not have had a similar job. The day you find me filing full-time in Charlottetown is the day you find out that Ottawa has been demoted as the capital city and Tignish is the feds' new home.

Speaking of Feds, there is an election coming up!

Shit. I can't vote. I have NEVER voted in a federal election =( Last time there was one, summer '04, I was working at lovely Balfour Beatty sneakingly following the news around the impending election and never even THOUGHT about voting. I honestly forgot that I could vote. It was the first time there had been a federal election since I had become old enough to vote. This time around, I kept forgetting to visit Election Canada's website to get the proper stuff to vote as a resident abroad. I just checked it out, and if I want to vote I have an entire thirty-seven hours to get my application back up North. Umm, right. THAT would go over something great. So here is to another five years of waiting... Unless the same thing happens as the reason for this election being called.

Man, I need to go to bed. This is just getting retarded... I don't even remember the last time I was in bed before 2:00... This week I was especially bad as I worked late shifts during the last half of the week. Bonjour 4:00, 5:00, etc., bedtime.


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Anonymous said...

Is that "my" Kiki you're talking about being engaged?!?! (yes I expect a quick email back with the answer!) :)