Saturday, September 10, 2005

Well, I now learned that I should buy an answering machine. After bumming about with the parents for a bit as they leave tomorrow I returned to the Commons unable to find anyone. Well, anyone I know. My phone list really isn't long enough... Anyway, I should be able to find people in about two and a half hours for another throw-out party. Until then... ??? Ugh. I really, really hate sitting around doing nothing. I could go to the gym as it's only a two-minute walk away, but who wants to actually go to a gym on Saturday night?! And I don't want ppl to see me having nothing to do thus working out, I need people to think I'm WORTH hanging out with ;)

Last night I went to hang out with some Canucks and then played a late-night game of volleyball with a bunch of Italian people. Words to add to my vocabulary list: la punta (point), la balla (ball), and mia/mio (mine). Any day now I'll be fluent ;)

Anyway, my phone just rang so I am gooooone!

Tomorrow I shall blog about missing the only bus to work today.

~ Ciao!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Jennifer!
As usual your blogs are a delightful read my friend! Glad to hear Florida is treating you well! I will be there for sure in Jan. or Feb. to visit! Say hi to that favourite little bear of mine would ya please!
Miss you lots and lots!