Wednesday, September 14, 2005

In an effort to be a good roommate today I bought cleaner to, duh, clean with. Turns out I bought disenffectant (sp?) instead. My bad. That's what I get for rushing around Wal-Mart so we could catch the bus. We ended up missing it regardless by, no joke, five seconds. By being five seconds late we were forced to lose another hour of our day to the Wal-Mart demon. Sigh!

I'm in the process of uploading pics to my photo album if anyone is interested! I have pics from the new group's throw-in last night but can't post them as throw-in's are top secret except for all parties involved =D

And suddenly yahoo photos is down so there are only twenty new pics. Ah well.

I start work tomorrow! I'm a little nervous as the pavilion seems rather competitive and the managers expect a lot of you. That's fair, but a little intimidating. I have a copy of the restaurant's menu and it's pretty big. Apparently Le Cellier is the second-best rated restaurant in all of Walt Disney World. (For those interested, the top restaurant is Victoria and Alberts in the Grand Floridian Resort and is super, super expensive and smaller than Le Cellier.) I actually probably won't be working in the restaurant for a little while though as the Food and Wine Festival is starting up and myself and four others will be working at that four the sixish weeks it's here. I'm actually looking quite forward to it! And there is no danger of me wanting to try the wine. Working the popcorn stand will probably be more challenging as I know I'm going to want to eat popcorn. Of course, I will not as I am a good employee :)

On Sunday evening I went to the Magic Kingdom with a bunch of folk. It's definitely slow season here as lines are virtually non-existant and I love it! Our first challenge was getting to the park as the buses were being uncooperative. Next, we managed to get seperated at the monorail as half of our group made it on at the TTC and half did not. No worries, we just waited for them :) It didn't matter too much though as we intentionally parted ways once we got in the park as it's hard to get a group of 15+ to agree on what to do. My group was made of all Canucks: Erynn, Vanessa, Dave and Kyle. We hopped off to Tomorrowland. First stop was Buzz Lightyear's Ranger Spin something or other. Secondly was Stitch's Escape, formerly Alien Encounter. It's not really scary anymore as AE used to freak me out. Next up we went on Space Mountain. It was Erynn's first time on and she survived and was a wee bit shaken. I could hear Kyle screaming the whole ride and when I turned around after the ride I realised he was wearing his sunglasses. So what is already a rollercoaster in the dark became a rollercoaster in very-dark dark! So we had to go on it again so the rest of us could try it. Yup, pretty scary. We then did a couple of rides in Fantasyland and Mickey's Toontown Fair then hopped over to Libery Square for the Haunted Mansion. It's quite different then the Paris one, which has been my local Disney park for the past sixteen months. We then bopped along to Frontierland to take in Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. After that we rode the Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland. Man, the skipper on the Jungle Cruise was soooo funny! (Or should I say punny?) After that we watched Wishes, the new fireworks show. I'm not really big into fireworks, but they matched the music so well and the music was sooo good I swear I almost teared up. Kyle and Vanessa then left us (don't worry, not forever ;) ) and Erynn, Dave and I went to Downtown Disney. It was nice and we ate really good sandwiches mmmmmm.

We were off on Monday. Early afternoon Dave, Erynn and I headed to the Animal Kingdom to be greeted with characters and more short lines! Ahh, I heart it. Around supper time we went to the Studios (I usually call that park "MGM" but if we shorten the name at work we are supposed to call it "The Studios") for the evening. We went on Tower of Terror, another first for Erynn, the Rockin Roller Coaster and saw the new stunt show. However, the highlight is that I FINALLY got to be an extra in a show!!! Ahh, eleven years in the making. I was a star :)

Tuesday was Discovery Day at Epcot. Us and the new UKers got a brief tour of the park and learned about the history of Epcot during the morning. We got our costumes in the afternoon and mine is SEVEN-EIGHT sizes biggers than I would usually take. The pants are soooo high on the waste, it's quite disgusting. And since the waste is big, the width around the thighs is freaking insane. That's for my restaurant costume so luckily I can hide some of it with my apron. My lumberjack (popcorn) costume also has an excessive amount of material around the legs but isn't quite so bad since they are shorts. However, no apron so they may look worse. The shirts are fine. I mean, who WOULDN'T love a plaid shirt?! ;) And we get a hat with the lumberjack costume. And I love it. Seriously, I would wear the hat to the beach if I was allowed!

Anyway, I need to sign off. I have homework. Seriously - I need to prepare for tomorrow and read job duties and stuff. Weee...


Gisele Fauvel said...

Hi Jen!

Just wanted to say Hi and that I'm glad you are having lots of fun. Still the same here at CIDA, except we have two new employees in the Communications Unit...and more competitions to come. We will finally be fully staffed by the end of the fiscal year...Adrian is glad.

On other news, my sister Aline is pregnant and expecting sometime in October - my sister Louise's going to be 1 year old on October 23rd and Stephane and I celebrated our 8th year together on Sept. 18th.

Anyway, got to go back to's presently 7:35am here and am already hard at work.

Anyhow...have a great time in Florida...would've loved to be there at this time of year so I could see you again...however, will know at what time of year to go to Disneyland if we don't want to wait in line too long.

Talk to you soon!


Gisele said...

By the way...forgot to ask. Would love to see the pictures you take up there...any chance you could send me the link? Send it to my work email.

Thanks lots.