Monday, September 19, 2005

I'm trying to catch on life, I really am!

I started blogging yesterday... This is what I wrote:

Weeee – blog. My internet connection has been crap the past few days so I have given up on wireless and am now plugged into the wall.

I started work on Thursday and it turns out that it is super easy. I’m on cart duty which basically means I scoop popcorn and pour beer. You know, the important stuff that leads up to being vp of the theme parks division. So far the weirdest question I got is, “Is Canada a state or its own country?” from a British guy. I told him we are part of the commonwealth and actually have Queen Elizabeth on our coins.

I find time flies by when we are outside on the cart. Next week, or this week, I guess, I start training for the food and wine festival. So I get four special days of training, along with four other girls, and get to… actually, I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing. The festival is from September 30 – November 13. I think it’ll be nice, I mean, I do have the entire year to hang out on the cart or in the restaurant! Speaking of restaurant, I haven’t started to memorize the menu at all yet, although I did look at it. A couple of the other newbies ate in the restaurant yesterday and raved about it. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough top drop a substantial amount of cash on one meal, but I could always go at lunch as apparently the prices are quite a bit lower.

Today I, along with one other person, went to Epcot on my day off. Many attractions are closed and I found myself reminiscing about my first trip when I got to ride World of Motion and Horizons, two attractions to longer at Epcot. I really like them and wish they were still here. Spaceship Earth (the ride in the big silver ball that you see on commercials) was a similar type of ride but, in my opinion, the worst of them. And really, Spaceship Earth is pretty darn cool so that’s saying something about the greatness of the other two!

And this is where I stopped blogging because I ran off to visit someone. So continuing, I spent the morning and a chunk of the afternoon at Epcot and then walked to The Beach Resort via the International Gateway. There I took a bus to Downtown Disney and poked about in the shops since I hadn't done that yet. I saw lots of stuff I want. However, I held off as today I am going to Property Control where I can get merchanside at up to 70% off. It's like a seconds store that has damaged or mismatched merchandise. Please, give me a moment to kiss my paycheque good-bye. *Smooch*

Unfortunately, my real plans for today didn't work out. Disney University is offering a seminar about Pirates of the Caribbean "From the Ride to the Movie" or something like that. I thought they wouldn't be open for registration yesterday but forgot that DU is open EVERY day. Thus, when I called this morning, the class was full. I'm disapointed, but maybe I'll go the thing next week. There is stuff almost everyday (barring Sunday) and next Monday is the manager (I think) of two of the resorts giving a career chat. Anyway, I guess I'll actually have time to clean today. Bah. I actually should be outside working on the ol' tan right now...

I fell asleep during the show in the American Pavilion yesterday. Pathetic, as it's actually a really good show.

Last night I went to Pleasure Island with Vanessa and Jordana. We went to the Comedy Warehouse and bopped about in the clubs for a little while. It was good fun, although it wasn't quite busy enough! However, given it was a Sunday night, there were quite a few people around. We're going again tonight as pretty much the entire Commons goes there on Mondays!

So overall, things here are great! I'm not homesick yet, but sometimes I feel a little bored and/or lonely because I still don't know people here that well but it's coming along! I'm also pretty confused a lot about buses (public transit, not our Disney buses) and will be ringing home quite soon for a briefing. Speaking of home, sorry I haven't been in touch with, well, almost anyone. I love it here - I swear it almost NEVER stops!!! It's great! I've turned the TV on about three times since moving here and didn't actually watch it for more than fifteen minutes. TV is a filler between plans.

Ah yes, and I unwisely forgot to post a link to my pics. Apparently people DO look at them as I got a couple of emails about it! Ahh, to be famous. It's such a responsibility. ;)

Pictures: I've been careful not to post throw-in pics or people drinking underage.

Time to clean or go to the gym! Or something. Hmm...


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Anonymous said...

I really hate it when unlettered people ask you some silly questions about your country...
Like this time when I was in Arkansas, someone came to me and asked me: "Do you have television in France?" Duh, you stupid american!
Anyway...I hope I won't get too much of those stupid questions...especially not from the customers 'coz I may get angry!
'Later! And thanks again Jen for sharing!