Wednesday, September 07, 2005

This is gonna be a short one as I'm on my way out the door, but I made it safe and sound!

I live in a two-bedroom apartment and have three roommates. The two girls in the other bedroom are Italian and are from the ONLY area of Italy where I've been! One is from Milan and another from Lake Como which is the only place I've actually stepped foot in Italy! My roommate is from Paris. The places are pretty nice although quite undecorated so I *may* have to change that.

Last night was our throw-in party which I'm not writing about. It's a big secret what happens so I can't let the cat out of the bag in case someone is reading this who will be a new arrival soon ;)

This morning I went to a presentation, part of which was very boring and involved filling out forms. They were going through them VERY slowly, but that was probably necessary as some people don't have very good English. It would be pretty challenging here having to speak English all day, being trained in English, and having English as, likely, the only common language between all your roommates.

Apparently Orlando is having "bad" weather right now. Pfft - whatever! It's really warm and VERY humid. I figure I'm going to go through, like, nine sticks of deodorant a week ;) As for t-shirts, I now realise I did not take too many despite thinking so as I was my many kilos of luggage around.

There is a gym onsite here which I plan on visiting regularly. I foresee American food being tempting and, shocker, quite unhealthy seeing as this isn't a country known for its overall fitness!

Yesterday I learned that a CASE of beer can be bought for $5.00 USD.


I know the stuff isn't that good (I think it's Millwakee and Miller) but come on!! At home, $6.00 CAD (the equivalent of 5 USD) doesn't get you very much. Maybe four beer? (Which you can't even buy like that.) Here, it's like a 12-beer case or something.

So much for cutting back on the beer. ;) I kid though, I don't think I'll start drinking my face off just because it's cheap. Using that reasoning I would have ate only bread and ten-pence chocolate bars in Britain.

Anyway, I am off! I found someone who is home so I'm dropping in. Not sure where everyone scattered to this afternoon, I'm thinking to get groceries.


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