Thursday, September 08, 2005

Oooh, the humidity. This morning we went on a coach bus to get our social security numbers and there wasn't an air conditioner on the bus. Or perhaps there was but it wasn't on very high, or was broke. Regardless, eeeewwwww. And I can't figure out how the a/c works in this apartment! I know my roomies don't like to have it on very high, which is fine with me, but it's actually cooler outside than it is inside! In a related note, I've been trying to get my sandals to dry for a couple of days and they just won't. Instead of drying they just keep getting smellier and smellier which quite defeats the purpose of washing them in an effort to get rid of the smell. And to think they didn't even smell that badly to begin with... I've given up on them since they are doing nothing but stink up our closest and I have shoved them in a plastic bag. I can just see Mum wincing.

Today I went rollerblading and saw lots of lizards. Not big lizards, but those wee ones that are super fast and climb on walls. I actually see them all the time, not just when out rollerblading. I've also learned where not to rollerblade and what socks not to wear. I bet I'm the only person here with a blister two inches above her ankle!

Last night I got a free discman. There was a throw-out for two people. A throw-out is basically a couple of people who have reached the end of their contract getting rid of stuff and telling stories about the stuff. They usually have stuff for specific people and some stuff has been passed down for YEARS but there is some stuff up for grabs for the newbies. I haven't tried the discman yet... It looks kind of old and actually requires FOUR AA batteries. I don't want to shove any batteries into it yet as I think I left my battery charger at home and don't feel the need to run off and buy a new one quite yet. In a related battery note, Papa MacPhail mentioned to me that sometimes it seems that batteries lose a lot of their strength on planes which I'm going to agree with. Batteries that should have a full life are giving me minimal life in my digital camera.

I've hardly slept in the past few days! It's been great though. Other people have been napping in the afternoons but I prefer to do other stuff. I actually only felt super tired during one presentation too! All those sleepless weekends in Scotland have paid off as I'm now prepared for sleepless nights in Orlando.

So far I've meet people (or a person) from Mexico, the US (shocker), Norway, England, Northern Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, South Africa and, another shocker, CANADA. I have to hunt down some folk from Japan, China, Morroco and Botswana.

In a terrible tragedy I was going to play 'beer pong' last night but the party ran out of beer. I think the Newfie panicked the most. He runs to the phone, "What's Walmart's phone number?!?!" Anyway, it was too bad as I probably could have won since I hadn't been drinking so I like to think that would make my aim superior to those who had been drinking.

I can't decide whether to stick around home tonight or not. My roomies are all working and I'm slightly bored. Sure, I COULD put my pics in the photo album I bought, put stuff on the walls or organise some of my stuff but I don't really feel like. With so many people close by I would rather be hanging out with SOMEONE. Anyone. Hello out there?!?! However, I would like to stick around and actually talk to the roomies. I've hardly been in my apartment since arriving and I'd love to actually get to know them! I realise there is lots of time left to bond but I start work next week and I'm sure our schedules will be even more different!

Gasp, maybe I'll go to bed before 3.00 am tonight... I'm actually getting a little tired and I didn't really have supper yet.

Blah blah blaaaaaaah.


Anonymous said...

Wow, spam already.

Anyway, just wanted to say I MISS YOU in rainy Edinburgh (and I wish I could see those lizards, they sound cool).

- Anne

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for sharing your experience with us! I hope you'll keep posting. (Every single details is important so don't hesitate to share anything...I'll be a cast member in February 2006, 'til then I hope I'll be able to get to know a little bit more of what my life there will look like.)
Thanks again!

Jen said...

Anne - heeey! I feel so famous, I have overseas visitors ;) I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend in Orkney! I'll email soon!

Guillaume - Thanks for reading! You can email me at if you have any questions or anything. Have fun with the wait til Feb! The first months will go sooo slowly, and suddenly Christmas and January will fly by and you will be here!