Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh, that juice is actually wine.

Bonsoir mes amis.

A friend requested a blog update. Here we go my Darlin' Charlin'!

How to tell if your good friend, Jen Maki, has indulged in an adult beverage or two.

- French flows from the mouth like water from the tap.

- "Let's go on an adventure!" - or, in warmer months - "We should go swimming!"

- Why take a cab when you can walk? "Jen, it's snowing with 50 km/hr winds."

- "Wouldn't pizza rock the body that rocks the party?!"

- One eye appears smaller than the other in photos.

- I will tell you within ten minutes of meeting you that, yes, I used to work at Disney World and it was amazing.

- You'll get to hear all about how much I love my new bike and how it's like attaching wings to your feet.

- "We should go somewhere fun! Not Baba's. I don't want to stare at bands and sway."

- Devilish gleam in the eye.

Four more works til the weekend!


Kalena said...

I heart you Maki!!!
And you know always have a devilish gleam in your eye!!! tee hee hee

Jen said...

I love it.