Thursday, June 17, 2010

Heeeey, Varanasi! *wink*

Ahh, India. I have a deep connection with you; I did a presentation on India in grade 5. We discussed very basic things, ("This is what the flag looks like and the country is very big, but not nearly as big as Canada, but very hot.") but I think you have developed a crush on me! Since the beginning of May this blog has received almost 500 hits from Varanasi, a city sort of north-eastish. Most of he visitors from that city get to this blog by using the link at the upper left "Next blog". Since there is no "Previous Blog" option, I don't know exactly what site they are coming from, but I would like to see it. It know gives me a huge percentage of my traffic. Such a change from the days when Googling random French phrases brought you here. On the plus side, last week I spent some time learning about this previously unknown city in India. Though I must wonder why the sudden traffic... Internet service improved? Google Analytics didn't previously recognize the location? I'm a demi-Goddess?

I signed up for the Biking for Breakfast Challenge. I don't know why. I blame "The Biggest Loser" in which a bunch of overweight people exercise excessively and then vomit. I want to see if biking 285 km in one day will make me vomit, go crazy, and then stumble a la Will Ferrel in Old School after being hit by a tranquilizer dart. I'll ponder this some more as I drift into sleep.

Also, currently reading Text from last in preparation for Friday's wine festival. If the wine gets tricky and makes my brain a little woozy, at least I'll never be as bad as those (highly entertaining) whack jobs.

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Kalena said...

Based on your "next blog" thingy, I decided to see where I would be taken upon pressing it....
I proceeded to visit 6 different library blogs before I got bored and moved on :(
Not that I don't enjoy libraries...but, there is only so much I can read about them...and then when they start talking about what a polite librarian should do...and not in a sarcastic or ironic fashion...well, that's when I know they've gone too far!