Friday, January 30, 2009

Look at the wall! It has writing on it!

The writing says, "Get back to work, Jennifer."

Except, oh, tricky, the message is written in PIG LATIN so it takes me so long to decipher it, that the work day is over!

"Et-gay ack-bay o-tay ork-way, Ennifer-jay."

Looking at what I wrote in the past month it seems so, "Look at me, I'm so deep, deep like the sea."

I will use this not-spare time to write a poem.

I will challenge myself and pick a subject that does not rhyme with many things.

I will write a poem about... POEMS. I feel this will somehow open a door to another reality, much like what would happen if one lightening bolt sailing to Earth got intercepted by ANOTHER LIGHTENING BOLT. I suspect a loud bang would be heard and the Mighty Mighty Titans of Greek "mythology" fame will came thrashing out of the Earth's core.

After doing some quick reading, I'm afraid that Disney slightly mislead me in the lyrics to the opening song in the move "Hercules". While I am much aware that the movie has many Greek mythology inaccuracies (but not so enough I would not watch it), I am not convinced that the Titans were as bad as the lyrics imply. Well, they were bad, but probably no worse than the Olympi ans that followed them.

"Back when the world was new
The planet Earth was down on its luck
And everywhere gigantic brutes
called Titans ran amok

It was a nasty place
There was a mess
whereever you stepped
Where chaos reigned and
earthquakes and volcanoes never slept

And then along came Zeus
He hurled his thunderbolt
He zapped
Locked those suckers in a vault
They're trapped
And on his own stopped
chaos in its tracks"

However, it's not like Zeus didn't have jerk-like qualities. Zeus, technically, was a titan, for he was born to a titan mother and father. However, he was the only one of his brothers and sisters not to be eaten by the father. He was hidden far away by his mummy, and eventually fooled his papa, via potion with the aid of his grandmama, into vomitting up the other siblings. Then the older titan Gods fought the young Titan Gods. The latter were victorious.

So Zeus gives off a good first impression. HOWEVER! The jerk continuously cheated on his wife (and SISTER), Hera, with both other Goddesses, demi-Goddesses, and mortals. Alas, it slightly appeared to be the norm at the time.

Ah well.

Now I shall eat lunch instead of writing my poem. I'm really not much for poetry anyway, except haikus. They are short, don't have to make sense, and really just involve counting syllables.

I will eat lunch now
Perhaps a bagel with spread
I hope it tastes good.

And that my friends, it poetry.

Gosh she is SKILLED.

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