Tuesday, February 03, 2009

pedal pedal pedal

Hmm, I'm watching the snow fall out my window from work and think it will disrupt my plans this evening. I was going to go to a documentary being shown on campus (because it's in Spanish with English subtitles and Spanish is sex-ay) but classes are cancelled this evening thus I suspect the showing will be cancelled as well. If it's not cancelled, I'm not sure I want to stay on campus until 9:00 and then walk home in potentially very, very crappy conditions.

Someone biked by me this morning as I was walking to work this morning and I was jealous. There is no reason I can't be biking to work! Except my bike is in my parents' basement. Actually, I went biking on the weekend and it was lovely! I still haven't figured out how to keep my toes from going numb, however. Perhaps I will master that this coming weekend.

By purchasing new toes!!


I was thinking earlier about the difference between running and biking, and how it seems people have a passion/interest for one but not the other.

Why I prefer biking:
  • I stop moving my legs, but the bike keeps moving! aka, downhill
  • It's faster than running - woooooooooosh
  • I can do it longer, hours, really
  • Hot ass ("biking bum")
  • Bells *ding ding!*
  • Biking through large puddles
  • Get to play in traffic
  • I'm convinced I have a funny run, but do not have a funny, uh, "biking posture"
  • Spandex
  • Carrying a biking helmit when walking up the stairs to work makes me feel cool
  • The actual bike - biking gives you something to use, running, well, you don't use anything. This is similar to me liking lacrosse, "I get to carry a stick!"
  • Hobby: you can take apart your bike, improve it, clean it, etc. Running? Well, you can't really dismantle your legs or sneakers.
  • Accessories: you can buy neat things for your bike. Like lights, reflective crap, clipless pedals, different handlebars, forks, etc. Mind you I know nothing about any of these things, excepts lights.
  • Different kinds of biking on differen terrain
  • Coming home completely muddy after rain and biking on trails
I felt a bit wobbly biking this weekend, nothing to be concerned, but since I had been sitting (peddling) on the spin class bikes at the gym, I never have to be concerned about balance, tipping over, or skidding on ice. Also felt the difference in the requirement to move my own weight and the actual bike as well. At the gym I just move my legs. "There they goooo! Look at those legs, and nothing else, moving!"

I would like to leave, but don't feel like changing back into my winter clothes to walk home. I'm wearing a "winter skirt", which is such an oxymoron. No skirt is actually designed for winter wear unless a pair of snowpants is constructed under the skirt.

I'm also going on strike from wearing pantyhose because they are stupid. Exception is fish-net stockings and similar, because you aren't kidding anyone about trying to keep warm. And because apparently that is all I own now for under-skirt covering.

I want to bike to Quebec City this spring. With someone. It's far too long of a journey to do alone. I suspect if one could pedal 60 km per day, it would take 13 days. While in perfect conditions 60 km/day is perfectly feasible (only about, hmm, 3 - 3.5 hrs, ceteris paribus), it would be foolish to expect perfect conditions in the Maritimes in Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, or even Dec. Wind, hills, and gear would also slow one down, as would sore knees. It would be road through NB (and I would make someone drop me off at the Bridge to save myself some time/energy) and trail for most of the part through Quebec, along the Flueve St.-Laurent. Bien!

Takers? :)

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