Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Write, much?

I'm writing a lot lately, usually that implies unrest in my life. It's true, I am getting restless in my current position. Things have been static for so long. I feel like the last *true* goal I had was 'get a job'. So I got a job. It actually took a lot of work and patience, but it eventually materialize with the setback at one point of working many hours at a job I despised. Next time I must be more specific in my desires.

I feel like I am in a snowglobe. The type of snowglobe that has random, unattached objects in it. I am the mini sailboat that got wedged behind the plastic palm tree and won't move anymore.

My new fear is not living up to my potential. I could be very useful in this world. I just have to figure out how I can be useful and avoid the fluff (though I do occasionally enjoy it).


JG said...

Have you read "What Color is Your Parachute?" It might help figure some stuff out.

Shannon Courtney said...

Or...remember your Myers-Briggs Type ! I think it was ESTP - a wonderful person you are Jen Mac with much to offer the world as well as yourself. Just do one thing - take a leap of faith in yourself - it doesn't matter what that leap is, all you need is inertia and your brilliant abilities will lead you somewhere fabulous!

Just pretend someone is waving a $50 airplane ticket in front of you and saying 'You have twelve hours to let me know if you want to move to this random place that you don't have any ties with, no job to fall into or a place to live....YET.' I predict if you say 'I'll take it', grand things will come you're way !

And keep up the writing :)