Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Useful Things to do with Office Supplies

Oh, I had so much to say and my brain just crashed about ten minutes ago. Case in point, I actually wrote "ten minutes away" instead of ago before fixing it.

Today my too-large-but-wonderful pants (aka capris) were falling down, so I fixed them with a binder clip. What a wonderful invention. Suddenly my pants fit better than they have in YEARS. (And by 'years' I mean twelve months.)

Now, let's not just stop there. These binder clips could be used for MANY wonderful things!

  • Hair clips - the clips come in multiple sizes, but I'm thinking they would generally be ideal for the end of a braid.

  • Paper weight - although I suppose one could simply bind the papers together using the clip with its intended purpose.

  • Curtain shutters - you know how sometimes your curtains just don't *quite* meet in the centre? You could use a binder clip to piece the curtains together. I can't actually test the level of usefulness for this as I do not own curtains. You will find this entertaining if you are outside of my house between 8:00 - 8:30am or 11:30 - 12:00am. Location of said house withheld.

  • Nose plug - I am terrible at swimming without a noseplug. While the binder clip would be a bit much and possibly crush some important part of the nose structure. However, this would serve as a catalyst or incentive for the swimmer to learn how to swim without a nose plug.

  • Nail file - not to file the top of ones nails, but to pick out dirt that may appear under the nail. There are many edges and sides to binder clips, especially when one considers the silver squeeze things (technical name). Those could also be used to pick small objects/wax/general dirt from the ears. And nose, if your into that, which I know everyone secretly is when you have some mucus up there that blowing the nose just doesn't seem to wedge free.

  • Clothes pins - this is an easy substitue. In fact, I suspect he/she who invented the clothes pin was probably influential in the design of the useful (in so many ways, as we are learning) binder clip.

  • Torture device - well, yeah, clearly. It is recommended that men not be bastards when naked next to a woman yielding multiple binder clips.

I am very confident that there are many other uses for binder clips, but I encourage you to use YOUR imagination and free time (or work time) to explore further options.

Now I must learn about H2B visas. Or go to bed? No, learn about H2B visas. I have the feeling Canadians cannot apply for them, but I will use the power of Google and my reading skills to make certain.

Five minutes later: Canadians can apply for them!! Now, I just need a plan *cough* Hawaii *cough cough*

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