Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Abuse in the Wind

This afternoon I left work a bit early as I had pretty much finished for the day and wanted to go for a bike ride before the sun disappeared. (No worries, I'm a good lady and am back at work now to make up for the lost time.)

It was a super ride! It was quite windy but I hardly ever was in a direct headwind, most headish winds were coming at me from an angle. Still difficult, but not nearly unmanageable.

I got back to work and the pain started. My knees were throbbing when going up and down the stairs. As I started to cool off I got super cold and really wished for a blanket. But the worst, and I have noticed this even since biking on chilly spring days, is when you boobs get cold. It is actually quite painful as your nipples get tight and shrivel up.

It feels good to get that off my chest, no pun intended.

Do males experience such a phenominum?

I re-launched my UPEI gym membership last night. I thought I would hate the gym as I have been on a bike all summer and haven't been to the gym since sometime in early June, I suspect. Regardless, it was okay. I hopped on one of the spin class bikes for about a half hour and proceeded to sweat about 30 gallons of liquid from every pore on my body. I've had sweaty arms before, but actually being able to see the round beads of sweat all over yourself is really something. I'm hoping that something is "attractive" and not "disgustingly repulsive". You would think I would want to use a different piece of machinery rather than a bike, but no. The spin bikes are amazing and are much more similar to an actual bike than the other exercise bikes. They adjust size/height wise in many wonderful ways. And they seem so much less... machine-y. On the ellipticals, treadmills, and stairmasters, you are surrounded by massive pieces of plastic and various parts. Bike = simple, elegant, sexy. Much like myself. Hense why I like bikes.

I managed to stay at the gym for a bit over an hour. I think that's my time limit, depending what's on the telie. I'm not going to get too crazy or anything. Maybe once winter hits and I get bored and the sun vanishes by, oh, 4-freaking-15. I seem to plump up in the summer (drinking on patios, laying in a sedetary fashion in the sun) and then de-plump in the winter. Except the two years I skipped winter in the UK and US. Deplumping did not occure, results were evident in various photos. Had nice Jen Jugs though. Hee hee...

La fin. To the gym? Meeeh... I guess, I did pay for it. Maybe I will sit in the sauna to fix this nipple problem.

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Anne said...

Oh Jen Jen Jen, you make me laugh.