Wednesday, October 15, 2008

100% with election predictions

I am so proud, my two measly elections predictions were spot on. I have become a wee bit of a politics junkie over the past few weeks. Replace my Olympics junkiness, I suppose. Anyway, I predicted three Liberal and one Conservative seat on PEI, and figured it would still be a Conservative minority.

Anyway, now that the election is minutes away from being over, I suppose I can retire my mini-crush on Jack Layton. I felt he would look after me. If I were to be locked outside of my house and Jack Layton was walking by, he would get me in. He would either kick in the door with his mighty cycling legs or punch through the window, letting me in. He would probably fix either the door or window afterwards too. Then he would smile at me, and his teeth would sparkle and make that ding noise. *ding* I also wanted him to challenge someone to an arm wrestling contest at the end of the Engish debate. (I geeked out and watched both the French and the English debate. Listened to Elizabeth May speak at the University too.)

I've been a wee bit sickish lately. Cough. Me and everyone else in this great G-8 nation, apparently. It makes me want to sleep a lot, which is not possible, because of other commitments. Like work. Riding my bike. Eating. Growing a belly. Making funny faces in the mirror. And so forth.

I'm supposed to be in bed now actually, but it's kind of Jen Mac tradition not to sleep much prior to travelling. I'm leaving tomorrow after work con la familia to travel to Haut Canada (high five doing history in French) pour visiter mon frere. Mon frere est grand. Il aime couper ses cheveux. J'aime mon frere parce qu'il est drole par fois. Mais je suis plus drole, parce que je parle plus que lui. Mais comme pour cent, je ne sais pas. Peut etre nous sommes egalement droles.

I've started wearing fall clothing now. This means I wore jeans once for a couple of hours (so... weird...) and wore dress pants one day at work. I have also wore a coat about a half-dozen times. I actually quite like my spring/fall/not-so-cold-days-in-winter coat. However, mostly I just wear my black boots with long shorts or capris. Oh, and I wore sandals the day I wore pants. Don't want to get too crazy all at once. Pfft.

I've been quite busy at work lately writing a kajillion reports (give or take). I feel like I could write them in my sleep, which is productive, because sometimes writing them makes me want to fall asleep. Hee. (I poke fun, but things are still going well at work. Like today there was apple pie and there are often lollypops in the admin office.)

On Saturday I was going to bike to Hunter River, but my legs were not cooperating. Instead they were pointing and laughing at me. So about three-quarters of the way there I decided to lay on a bench and enjoy the sun. There was not a SINGLE CLOUD in the sky, and the warmth of the sun felt amazing. I'm convinced people who live in sunny locations must be, overall, statistically happier and less likely to suffer from depression and thoughts of suicide. I hope to replicate this sunny sensation at some point in the near future.

Oh election. I could start following the American election, but I kind of don't care. It's interesting... and, wait, no, no it's not really. I feel like the US election has been going on for a decade or so. It is like a long running TV series.

The Canadian debates were interesting, but a bit irksome. I enjoyed how they were all sitting around the table, face to face. However, it just seemed so finger-pointing-esque. Point at Harper, complain, hiss, stamp feet, then smugly smile. Actually, I think the most smug smiles came from Harper. His tactic to make the other party leaders more emotional. Let them freak out at you, and simply stare back at them with a smug smile. Watch their blood pressure slowly rise as they ramble more to try and make their point better.

I liked the French debate because I am much better at understanding anglophones speaking French than francophones speaking French. So I had to pay super attention to the frenchies, but could slightly relax with the.. anglies.

Anyway, a shower would be pleasant. I have to return library books before work tomorrow morning because the library AND the drop-box were closed yesterday. I have never before encountered a closed DROP BOX. Weird.

La fin.

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