Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Blog blog blog.

So yup, not too much going on. Today I got up and took a reallllllllly long bath.

I've been having random Disney dreams. They used to be about work, (still, even AFTER I got home,) but now they are slowly turning into seeing Disney people outside of Disney World. One night I had a dream that all the UK lads were on PEI (WHY?!) so they stopped by my house to see what bars they should go to. So I took them all downtown, went to a bar with them, and when it came time to leave I couldn't find my vehicle ANYWHERE. I searched and I searched and then with some help I eventually found it. I do believe Lynda was the one who eventually put me right direction along with my neighbour Jane. Once we found our car/van/giant SUV or whatever it was, I cheered and woke up.

Last night my dream took place at Colonel Gray High School. Despite being 23, (almost 24!!!) I was heading back to school. However, everyone was my age. Maybe it was actually a university that was IN the Gray? Anyway, I saw my French roommate and nearly ran her over with hugs and happiness! Then, I was walking into the cafeteria and saw my Mexican roommate sitting and having lunch with the other Mexican exchange students!! Almost ploughed her down as well. I was so happy! So yup, those are the two of most recent memory.

In other news, still no job but I actually haven't tried too hard. I'm dropping off some resumes todays, and who knows if anything will come about of it. If not, well, hopefully the investment in gas and paper will eventually pay off. I have/had a couple of "leads" so we'll see what happens.

That is all.

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