Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And I'm done. Deported from the United States of America. Sigh! So now I sit in my snuggly housecoat in front of a slow, dial-up (??!!) computer. Tear.

A couple surprising things about being home: 1) That I quite like it, so far; and 2) I'm not as keen to get a job as I thought I would be. I mean, I have applied for jobs, but I haven't been doing it too aggresively. I do feel the job thing is going to be luck.

The worst thing about being home is being uprooted from with whom you spent the last thirteen months of you life. The weather also plays a downer... I keep waiting for the "cold-front" (actually called start of winter) to end and the sun to return. Next week it'll be sunny again. Next week I'll be wearing sunscreen again. Next week I will see a castle illuminated by fireworks.

I don't think I know how to get a job, or what kind of job I could get. I'm not stupid, despite never really working in an "environment with strict deadlines and results-based goals", I'm sure I could do it. I had deadlines in school. I had goals pertaining to my results.

I also wish my French and Spanish were up to snuff. Just looking at a research job with Immigration Canada, being able to conduct interviews in Spanish and being able to read Spanish documents would be an asset. I can read Spanish documents somewhat decently, (especially quando tengo mi dictionario espanol- ingles,) but I have a bad ear for languages. I can read French and write it somewhat decently after brushing up on a few rules, but I have trouble listening to it. This is why I should start watching cartoons and listening to the radio in multiple languages. Except music. As lovely as it is, I can't even make out English lyrics let alone lyrics in another language!

Winter hit me pretty much once I got to Ottawa. My skin is dry and disgusting. My knuckles feel so tight and like the skin over them is going to crack. I hate winter. I haven't been in intense winter in over two years. It'll be nice to go skiing a couple of times. Maybe do a little skating, throw a few snowballs, have a sledding adventure. That'll take about two weekends to do. I may just hibernate through the winter.

WHY DO ALMOST ALL GOVERMENT JOBS (except those in Edmunton) REQUIRE FRENCH?! I know we have two official languages, and I fully support and embrace that, but not everyone need speak French. When I worked in Gatineau some people had terrible English. That was okay, as long as *someone* could communicate with the team. Meeeeeh. I think government jobs make me angry. Mostly because I don't have one and probably won't get one. Woohoo private sector!

Actually, more woohoo for going at it by oneself. I need some ideas to start brewing, although a couple of temporary ones have crossed my mind.

It's cold out, I'm a hermit, and I miss Florida. Although seeing my PEI friends and famil is lovely. That pretty much sums up my life post Nov 1st. Sigh. Donde esta mi sol?

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Anne said...

So move to Edmonton! No French necessary...