Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Woohoo! So I got home from Florida this evening. Yes, I did just leave it the sunshine state on Oct 20th, but I really didn't have a good reason NOT to go back as I scored myself a job for the new year!

The job is on PEI.

This has shocked a few people. However, I really just didn't feel like moving again. Do you realise how many times I have packed up my junk in the past years? In Jan 2003 I moved to Ottawa for two work terms, came back to Charlottetown in August. In May 2004 mere DAYS after graduation I hopped over to Edinburgh with Shan and Keri. (RIP our adventures in one of the world's most fabulous cities.) In mid July we packed up our stuff and moved flats. It wasn't a hard move as the flat was in walking distance, however it still sucked. And I have faint memories of a hungover Keri and I taking a dresser that we stole from a neighbour's pile of rubbish through the George V Park. A shopping trolley from Tesco was used at one point. I'm tired just thinking about it! In August 2005 I came back to Charlottetown for ten days. Unpacked the Scottish stuff (that which I had not thrown out) and packed up summer clothes to head to Florida. In October 2006 I left Florida and lugged my crap with me on a cruise ship, in Ottawa and in Toronto. So yes, the idea of packing up again made me want to hide deep under my bed. Like, halfway-to-China deep. Even more bizarre than the "I'm staying on PEI!" thing, is the fact I actually FOUND a job on PEI. Scientists are studying this as we speak.

Starting in January, I will be working at the PEI Tourism Research Council. I will be polishing the Bridge with a toothbrush and examining the tourists' reactions to see if they have a sense of humour. If PEI tourists have at least a 6.45/10 on the sense-of-humour scale we will be tearing down Gateway Village to make room for the world's third-largest comedy club.

No, not really, obviously. I'm actually the Team Leader of the Data Collection Team. See my left arm? The iron fist there? That is what I shall rule with. That and a little bit of pixy dust because WDW habits are impossible to break. Anyone want to wear piercings while working under me? Reprimand! Ha ha. (Yes, I realise my nose is pierced. However, I took it out EVERY DAY AT WORK for over a year. Except two days that I forgot. Whoops. Point is that it made people less scared of me. Not that I'm scary, but you know...)

So PEI for a year, eh? I'm kind of worried, to be honest. Considering on my four-week anniversary of being home I hightailed it to Orlando, went out pretty much every night, was surrounded by people my own age, etc. Charlottetown needs a club. It needs either, (I can't believe I'm saying this...) Motions (gasp!), House of Blues, Destiny, or a Chillers. Actually, we need all of them, but let's be realistic. But the market really can't support it. Myrons has closed again, the Page (all the rage during second/third year uni) closed it's club, Peake's is seasonal, and the VUG is just... well, has that stigma attached to it. Eww. A bit of the problem is that people are meant to feel kind of old once they hit, like, 21. I used to live at Myrons twice-weekly when I was 19. However, by the time you hit 21 you have to laugh when you go there because the place was filled with under-agers that you used to BABY-SIT. I don't know what the solution is. As much as I enjoy the Old Dublin, I can't go there all the time. I like going out frquently and I can barely bother going there once a week. And ODP won't be playing techno anytime soon. Only if a dj plays the wrong song.

My left ear is still throbbing from my flight so I think it's best I head off to bed. Before 1:00am. I am SHOCKED. But I did get in last night at about 3:00am, and then got up for the airport about 45 mins later. I think that explains it ;)

So to everyone I saw in Florida, thank you so much! It was absolutely fantastic seeing everyone again and it shatters my heart knowing I'm not there anymore. =(

Oh yes, and Friday is my birthdays. Cheers to Hannah for the reminder! So if anyone I know is on PEI ( :P ) I want to hang out. Go out. Maybe have a little techno. Maybe drink a martini. Perhaps a glass of wine. (Dear PEI - Start selling ice wine. I need it. Canadian or German, I really don't care. I will even settle for a late-harvest riesling. Love Jen.

Bonne soiree

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