Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So here it is, another day.

I can't wait to get unlimited long distance. I think I'll do that tomorrow.

And to get a car to drive. Also potentially tomorrow. (No more house arrest, ha ha!)

I am very slowly applying for jobs. It's funny, having nothing to do makes me even more ambitous to do nothing. Suddenly getting out of bed before 11:00am seems like such a challenge. Going to bed before 3:00am is also a challenge. However, I think the extra half-hour of sleep every day is supposed to balance out the ridiculous amounts of sleep I missed out on in Florida.

Oh, Florida, how I miss thee. Sniffle. =(

I'm also going on some kind of random UK withdrawal. I partially blame the book I'm reading : A Year in the Merde. It's about an english guy who spends nine months working in Paris. So he is learning about culture, doing stupid things because you don't know any better, and all that fun stuff that comes along with moving somewhere new and different. So now I have a huge desire to improve my French and to marry an english guy so I can move to the UK. Any help with either goal is much appreciated. I really wish I could have put my UK visa on hold while I was in Florida, but nope.

I was quite back and forth about coming back to PEI. If I had left Disney and come straight home I probably would have locked myself in a closet. However, I had a nice, three-and-a-half-week-long holiday and felt a little ready to come home. Mostly to stop living out of luggage. Then I got home and felt like hiding. Then I felt like seeing people and so I did. I was pretty sure I was ready to get a "real" job, as I kept referring to it as, but now I'm not sure. First of all, I don't think I even know HOW to get a job! Secondly, I kind of mentally freaked out on Saturday at the Old Dublin when I realised if I stayed on PEI, that would be my typical Saturday night. Don't get me wrong, I quite like the Old Dublin, but not for every Saturday. And I know my brain completely blew it up into a huge deal, which it isn't, but Sunday was pretty much a write-off for me not wanting to do anything except lay in bed and stare at the wall. And sulk. A lot. It wasn't all a "I don't think I can live on PEI" thing though; I really miss the Commons. I miss having friends so close. When the people who live far away live only a ten-minute walk away. When you're bored you have the option of watching some of the world's best fireworks or lazing about in a fabulous pool.

Then I missed Edinburgh too. Sometimes I got bored there because I kept doing the same thing over and over. (*cough* The Walkabout - although after I took a brief hiatus it became enjoyable again!) But the thing was, if I was bored, there was always something new I could do. A new part of town to explore, a new bus to hop on, a new town just a mere train-ride away.

Charlottetown doesn't even have a train.

Of course, who knows if I would be anymore cheery elsewhere. I had moody days in Orlando. I had blue days in Edinburgh. I definitely had foul moods in Ottawa.

And this is why I stay up so late at night. Thinking. (And reading about my new lovely English friend.) Wondering what will happen in the coming weeks. Trying to figure out how to solve my travel itch. Thinking about ways to out-smart Air Canada and West Jet and get a fabulous deal on a flight somewhere. Which is a laugh-and-a-half in Charlottetown! HA HA HA! One of the reasons Edinburgh was fabulous - great day trips or weekend breaks for pretty cheap. Orlando was AMAZING for flight deals. On a good day is costs only half a leg to fly somewhere from Charlottetown instead of the usual whole leg.

I think I'm thirsty.


Oooh, and I'm also going to start emailing lots of ppl since I pretty much fell off the radar screen for many months. I'm Jen Mac, and it turns out I *didn't* die when away!

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