Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Oh, it's been awhile, eh?

A whole week!

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Hallowe'en Party was lots of fun! It was like being a kid again - we got soooo much free candy. I probably have cavities now. The park wasn't too full and we were able to go on lots of rides with minimal waits. It was great! I paid about $30 for my ticket, which I think is worth it. Normally people have to buy a regular ticket and the party add-on for about $40. I'm not sure if I would spring for that. However, I've been to the Magic Kingdom so much now that it was cool to go for something "new", something I have never experienced before! There was a special parade and different fireworks, although some of the music for the fireworks was just weird. Almost like a cheesy radio version of older Disney songs which I didn't really like. There were also "dances" at a couple of venues. I walked into one that reminded me of a Disney World commercial because there were a bunch of characters dancing with children on a dance floor.

Wednesday was back to work and I can't for the life of me remember what I did after work. Probably nothing as I was rather tired as I had been working really long shifts. Thursday I worked a lovely thirteen hours shift. How joyous. I was in an absolute sour mood one day at work last week. I was just tired, the sun was beating down something fierce with minimal wind and a cloudless sky, had been working so much and slightly flipped out at the end of the night on Thursday after my long shift. We got to the bus by it's scheduled departure time but the bus was full so we were turned away. We used to be allowed to stand on the bus like regular public transit, but now it depends on the driver and we weren't allowed. I was pissed as the bus runs only every half hour that late at night and now I wouldn't get home until after 1.30 which would give me less than eight hours before I would have to leave for work again. Anyway, I think I cheered up by Friday night or something. But man, I hadn't been that pissy at work since my early filing days back in July when I used to sit on the floor in the washroom and try and convince myself not to cry.

On Sunday night I changed right after work and went to the House of Blues for some free booze, fun and socialising. Unfortunately, there was no free beer to be had, just mixed drinks or wine.

You know what bar serves the most awful mixed drinks of all time?

Shock! The House of Blues!

Man, those drinks are practically half liquor. It's brutal! The only decent thing I could get from them was amaretto sours and those things have so much sugar that I found my teeth hurting the next day! However, amaretto gives me fond memories of the fabulous Pownel Street summer of 2002 so that was nice. After hopping about to the HoB's horrible techno music we walked over to the ever-present Pleasure Island. Eventually I went home.

Monday was another day of work, but a short one as my shift was only seven hours long! Monday night I planned on staying in as preparation for my Tuesday plans but ended up finding myself at PI, again, and didn't hit the hay until 3.30. My bad.

Today, on THIS GLORIOUS DAY OFF (!!!), I went to Islands of Adventure, Universal's other park. It's pretty cool, although I can't help but think the layout of the park is a bit of a hassle. It's around a lagoon, so you have to walk all the way on either side to get to the "top" bit.

The Spiderman ride was GREAT! It was so different than anything else I've been on. It combines dark ride elements with 3D screens and, just, well, everything! It was so much fun and I probably wouldn't have picked up how they did it but I looked up at the ceiling at one point because I was completely disoriented. It was sooo cool! We also went on a log-flume-ride thing and got completely drenched. Perhaps even dripping. Actually, I know I was dripping. They also allow bystanders to control these weird squirtgun things that are on the ride. A person watching pays 25 cents and has the opportunity to take the riders from the lovely level of "pretty wet" to "soaking wet". Anyway, I got sprayed right in the ear and could feel water gushing around my hearing aid. Here is hoping it still works as I'm so useless without it at work as there is always background music and what not.

Anyway, time to hop off! Things here are, generally, going well. I'm pumped for next Tuesday as I'm going to a career insight session being given by an imagineer! Imagineers are the folk who design the new rides. It's a "clever" take on the words imagination and engineer.


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Anonymous said...

Holy, I think living at Disney World would be way too much excitement for me to handle. It sounds crazy! Things are not very crazy in Edinburgh - it's raining a lot and we are going to pub quizzes. (And winning! or at least 3rd place). They will still have to drag me away kicking and screaming, though.

Oh well, glad you are enjoying the sugar rush that is your life at the moment!