Monday, October 24, 2005

Happy Hurricane Day!


Well, I must say that is a *tad* windy today. And rainy. And, shocker, a bit chilly! Wilma has arrived, and while she is not the most pleasant houseguest, (she did get in as my smoker roommate failed to completely close the sliding door to our balcony...), she isn't causing too much chaos. However, she did screw up my plans to go to the House of Blues last night. Hmph.

The Disney parks are actually closed this morning!!! There are plans to reopen at least Magic Kingdom and Epcot (my park) in the afternoon, weather pending.

I think the worst of the weather is over. I woke up around 9:30 as the wind was pounding on our window, but it's calmer now. Too bad as now the video I took doesn't look as good... If only I had went out earlier! Alas, the comfort of my bed was too inviting. And actually, it sounds like I spoke too soon as it's getting really gusty again... Anyway. There isn't any thunder and lightening, so I'm happy. Last night I was working and the lightening was right mad! I really don't like lightening to begin with, so I was quite glad when we got to close our kiosk's flaps so I couldn't at least make out the outlines of the lightening. And in lucky breaks, I was working at a different kiosk last night (a visa no-no, but it was an emergency so it was okay) and when we were clearing it out for hurricane-emergency-preparation-blah-blah-blah I found a rain poncho! Yay! When I saw the fellow canucks later in the evening the poor souls were absolutely DRENCHED. :(

Despite the mad lightening last night, it mostly smoothed over by 9.00 and Illuminations (the fireworks show with the World's Best Music) went on!

Tonight I go in for clean up. Basically we put all the stuff in our food and wine kiosks in storage last night and now we have to sort everything and stock 'em back up. "Yay."

Anyway, time to hop off and do something. Adios!

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