Wednesday, October 26, 2005

So I am writing this the night before posting this. My wireless card apparently doesn’t like the network here so I’m without an internet connection at the moment. Usually I would just plug Mr. Laptop into the wall, but not tonight as I have, once again, lost the use of my livingroom to one of my housemates and her boyfriend. Yup, I’m getting bitter about it.

Last night/tonight I went to Spirit of Aloha, a dinner show at the Polynesian Resort with Canuck Chris and Frenchie Sonia. We got 20% discounts for being castmembers, but 18% gratuity is added on top of it. Pfft. It was all you can eat plus all you can drink – including alcohol! Not that I’m a drunk, but usually only sodas come in infamous American bottomless servings. However, one must note that the beer was American beer – the weak stuff. Seriously. I don’t drink that much but I know if I had drank as much Canadian, Scottish, Belgian or ANY other beer as the American beer I drank last night I would have been right sloshed. My favourite part of the meal was the appetizers – pineapple, salad and bread. The bread was pineapple-coconut bread and absolutely delicious! The salad had a really sweat and zangy dressings on it. The servers brought each table giant platters of food. As it was all you can eat, they offered to get more of anything you actually finished. The main course was sautéed veggies, rice, ribs and chicken. I don’t really eat ribs, but I had one and I imagine these are just your typical ribs, as with the chicken. The veggies were really good, and the rice was, well, rice. There isn’t really too much you can do with rice, eh? The dessert was brought in on these plates with smoking volcanoes on them. The dessert was shaped like a trapazoid (uh oh… memories of geometry are sketchy so I’m not sure if that is the proper term…) and was kind of a chocolate-raspberry pudding. It was good, but not blow-me-away good. All the food was good, but nothing absolutely fabulous other than the bread and salad. The show was broke up into three acts. You had food in front of you for the first two so the singing and dancing was minimal, especially during the first act which was rather silly and full of over-exagerated acting. The third act, after our plates were cleared from the table, was really good! It was the actual luau (sp?) and very entertaining with the highlight being a guy doing a dance with batons that were lit with fire at each end. My ticket was $42 and while I don’t mind paying that once, I probably wouldn’t come back to this show as there are soooo many dinner shows in Orlando.

After the show was over we hopped on the monorail and headed to Epcot. It’s funny, I thought I would hate going to Epcot on my days off but I really don’t mind. It’s not like I work at McDonalds – there is sooo much to Epcot and I can easily avoid my work location if I feel like it. We booted it through the park (stopping to say a few hellos along the way) and watched a concert by the Beach Boys! It was pretty good… but man, those guys are OLD! Yet their voices sound the exact same. Afterwards we walked over to the Boardwalk Resort (there is a walkway connecting it to the back entrance of the park) and went to Jellyrolls. I may have mentioned it before, but it’s a bar with two guys playing pianos and they take request from the audience and know an obscure amount of songs! We then walked over to the next bar, an empty danceclub, and pranced about for awhile before cleverly trying to figure out a free way to get home. The gates to Epcot were closed, thus we could not take the Epcot bus home. So we walked to another hotel and caught the bus to Downtown Disney and then one back to the Commons. Phew!

Before the whole dinner show adventure I had went to a “Career Insight” session being given by a Disney imagineer. Imagineers design, build, maintain, etc., the attractions at the park. They probably do work on the restaurants and shops too, but this guy worked with attractions. It was pretty cool and I got to ask some questions. The guy explained how it is sometimes difficult to bring together the practical folk, (say, engineers,) with the creative folk.

So yup, yesterday was a great day! Stuff like this is why I want to stay here for ages… As I told some people before I left, I’m not here because of the work, I’m here for the 102 days off!

This afternoon I’m heading back to Epcot with a couple of friends to partake in the eating and drinking festivities of the Food and Wine Festival. If I don’t go back to Canada weighing 497 lbs I will be FLOORED.



Anonymous said...

Wow oh wow: What a day in the life of Jennifer.8 more days till we go to the sunny south

Kat said...

Hey Jen,

Glad to hear you made it through the hurricane ok! Keep having fun down there!