Saturday, October 01, 2005

Oooh, where does the time go?

I started working the Food and Wine festival kiosk a couple of days ago. Our food is quite popular and deservingly so! I got to try a bit of it, but I'm holding a grudge against our freakishly-popular, canadian cheddar cheese soup. It's really good, but it's far too hot and we keep burning ourselves on it. Our girl burnt herself pretty badly and has her hand wrap up and a large souvenir blister.

Last night I went to a party at a co-worker's place. Thank God, as the two previous nights I spent bumming around at home doing nothing. The first night I was just too tired to move until practically 11.00 (then I went and played volleyball with my roommate and hung out by the pool for a bit) and the following night I was kind of tired, kind of moody, yet bored and blaaaaah. I don't like being in a bad mood here because it seems so silly as I'm incredibly lucky to be here, but sometimes it just creeps up as I get frustrated, by times, with a somewhat lack of a social life. I think it's because, as I stated before, everyone works different hours and sometimes it's hard to track people down.

Next week we are doing mandatory overtime as our festival kicks up high speed. Honestly, if you are in Central Florida and have the opportunity to go to Epcot you really, really should. The festival has about 27 booths featuring local cuisine (local to the host region) and alcohol. You can get "sample sizes" of wine and beer (the beer is generally a proper portion) for less then $5.00 and a sample of food for between $1.50 - 4.00 depending on the kiosk. And honestly, the portion sizes aren't really that small either! To eat cheaply in Walt Disney World generally requires a lunch at a quick-service restaurant. This would be just as cheap if you were to buy two - three "samples" and probably much nicer. I'm half tempted to go in early today to do some poking about but I think I'll wait for a weekday and as apparently the locals will be flooding our park this weekend and next. This is the festival's tenth anniversary and we have had people tell us that they come every year to have some Canadian soup and fudge. Although many of the kiosks change hosts year to year, Canada is always a staple and it one of the first kiosks to the right side of the World Showcase. As I mentioned above, we serve cheddar cheese soup, maple fudge, maple glazed salmon (mmmmm...), Canadian Ice Wine, Riesling (wine), and Labatts. The most expensive thing is a 12-oz Labatt beer at $5.00 which is standard price on Disney property for that amount of beer. It's probably pretty standard at most theme parks, actually.

Our kiosk is quite close to Greece's. (Greece is staffed by Epcot staff and not actual Greeks.) I see a lot of people with the kiosk's version of Spinach Pie and it makes my stomach churn. When I was in Greece our group was served that for our dessert on a boat. Biting into a pastry expecting chocolate or strawbeery and getting SPINACH is pretty disapointed and disgusting. A lot of people say it's good, but I prefer to spend my money elsewhere, like Ireland or Catilla & Leon (mmm, Spain). I was looking at our guide for Ireland's booth (again, staffed by locals, sorry Shan :P ) and it is serving Leeks and Potato Soup. Ingrediants: leeks, potatoes. Hee hee...

Anyway, I'm off. I'm going into work early today to stock myself up with some new, clean costumes. I don't get my shorts very dirty (although my pair from yesterday has some nice splatterings of soup on them) but I pretty much have to peal my shirt off at the end of my shift as I swear I sweat nine buckets of sweat during work. It's kind of gross, my persperation is the body's natural cooling system. ;)


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Hi Jenn, near 4 weeks since you landed, only 47 to go, enjoy them all Pa