Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer's a brewin'...

Signs summer is coming:

  • Jewell's Country Market is open, which was my savior at kilometre 55 of what was planned to be a simple 40-km bike ride.

  • Boomer, the local weatherman, said winter was ending tonight once the wind died down - and it did die down!

  • Sun still gleams on the horizon at 20h45.

  • Beer Club is being held outside tomorrow!

  • The university feels vacant as profs sneak off for holidays.

  • Season finales galore! Highlight being Survivor last night, which I lapped up like a thirsty puppy. Then read all about it online *cough* geek *cough* and then got paranoid the next day that my tribe ("work mates") was strategising against me.

  • I'm getting emails about bicycling rides, which I'm too slow to participate in :P

  • Not wearing boots, unless it's raining.

  • Darling Sparks kids came to my door selling Girl Guide cookies. Having a cold and not feeling well, obviously cookies were a required purchase. Despite the fact I hated Brownies (the pre-Girl Guides) and thought there were too many mean girls enrolled.

  • Big movies coming out soon!

  • People watering their yards. STOP IT.

  • People watering their driveways. STOP IT.

Yes, it turns out I'm quite intolerant of people watering their lawns and cleaning their driveways. It's spring in the Maritimes. If it's not raining today, it probably will tomorrow. Or the day after.

(To be fair it doesn't seem to be raining that much, but often low, moody clouds are taking over the skyline.)

In a lighter note:

I crack up whenever this commercial comes on TV. There is no real explanation for my cackly laughter, but it happens. It also helped last time when one of my roommates squinted at the TV and said, "I still can never see the hippo the first time around..."

The magical world of YouTube lead me to Star Wars Ep I "Duel of the Fates" which made me feel geeky for listening to it. It reminds me of studying for final exams in grade 11, as I used to listen to the Star Wars soundtrack when studying. I had read somewhere that classical music helps studying, and apparently I assumed Star Wars was classical music. In a good note, I aced grade 11 and 12. Thank you, John Williams! Could have used your help in grade 10 "Etudes canadiens", however.

Yesterday evening I sneezed while eating popcorn, all over my arm. Must had been a cursed sneeze as shortly after I felt my head getting a bit stuffy and by evening's end I had developed a cold. Woke up today feeling a smidge less than mediocre and have sneezed approximately 18,752 times today. Sometimes eating, sometimes not, sometimes drinking, sometimes not. I told my cold this afternoon, "Fine, you can stay today, but I am dousing you out with some wicked vitamin C this evening." Then, you know, the cute kids showed up with the cookies.

Cookies are rich in vitamin c, yes?


See you again tomorrow, cold.

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