Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Numbers Game

Once, a long, long time ago, (1995-2004), I was a 'numbers person'. This is mostly evident in school marks, and high school awards that were given nice names but really should have been called, "Science Geek Prize" or "Way to rock finance, Maki!" I'm still a bit of a numbers person, and write many reports involving a plethora of numbers. However, I don't really do anything with numbers anymore. My life is lacking algebraic equations, graphing calculators (kidding! I always hated those), elaborate equations used to determine simple things ("According to this complicated equation, you will die if you chop off your head!"), etc.

It's been so long since I've be able to us pi, dramatic siiiiiigh. Math and physics got even better as teachers/professors insisted that inserting greek characters into equations and results was the right thing to do.

But no one wants to read how I miss math class and wish I could use a geometry set at least once a week. Here are numbers you may enjoy.

The number of...
Times I bought a specific kind of beer because there was an elephant on the can/label/bottle: 2

  elephant-labelled beer that did not taste so good: 1.5

Reports I have written since starting my job in June 2007: approximately 18,742

  Reports I have written that nobody external has read: 17,894

Animals I have contemplated stealing from a zoo: most of them

  Animals I have actually stolen from a zoo: zero

Pennies required to buy a chocolate bar from the University's vending machines last week: 130 (note: machine does not actually accept pennies

  Pennies required to buy a chocolate bar from the uni's vending machines this week: 160.. no more purchases from the vending machine. I'm taking a stance!

Times a week I go to work with wet or still-damp hair: 2 or 3

  Other people who show up with wet hair: zero (this confuses me - hair dryer = ball of frizz, and no one else has frizzy OR wet hair)

Times I've checked the weather today: two

  Times I would check the weather on an average winter workday: 30 million

Seasons of Family Ties owned: two

  Seasons I should own: all of them, but with Baby Andrew scenes magically erased

Blogs written this week: two!

  Blogs that were picked up by my Facebook feed: 0 ... thanks, failing technology

Times today that I thought of ways to make money by blogging: very many!

  Dollars ever made from blogging: $0

Cheers to the Internet for allowing me to share this important information with you.

Fact you may have not known: in French there is no masculine version of the word "esthetician". That means France is sexist. Which is fine, even applaudable, because I would not want a man waxing the lady parts. He just wouldn't know...


Kalena said...

I am just like you...we are magically alike!!!

Times I go to work with wet hair ... 3 - 4 times a week

Times colleagues come in with wet hair... ZILCH

How do these people have frizless hair??!!

Jen said...

They must be science experiments from the shampoo labratories!