Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The other sponsors

As I rambled to anyone who would listen, I was in Vancouver for most of the last week of the Olympics. I don't even really consider it a trip to Vancouver, more so a trip to Magical Olympic Land of Medals and Line Ups. During this time spent immersed in seas of red and white clothing and capes fashioned from flags, I made careful not of who (what) the real sponsors of the Olympics were. I now give you this thoroughly researched list, accompanied by some appropriate photos.

  • Beer - specifically, Kokanee Beer.

  • Televisions.

  • Giant flames, matches, general manufacturing of flames. (Fireworks fall into the sub category of giant flames.)

  • Pizza. (Tied in with no. 1 - beer.)

  • Believing. Yes, just general, overall believing. Thank you, CTV!

  • High fives. To strangers.

  • Security. Subcategory, boat police.

  • Walt Disney World -- Epcot, as pretty much everyone I hung out with had worked at Epcot, or was with someone who worked at Epcot.

  • Me. That's right, me.

(The image didn't turn out quite how I wanted, but it's getting late.)

In an unrelated note, the flight home pretty much destroyed my ears. My ears have been plugged since the impending landing of the first of my three flights. Actually, slight lie, they would properly pop when the next flight took off, but they never popped after the last flight landed. It feels like I am in a dream sequence voices are weird and muffled and I cannot understand things. For example, I watched the movie Munich with a housemate. I doubt the movie is truly that confusing, but when one cannot hear so well it is like trying to assemble a puzzle with pieces from four different puzzles. It didn't help that I didn't really like the movie thus was not so much paying deep attention, and was instead hanging my head upside because it seems to temporarily allow sound to enter yee olde eardrums. Too bad after I sit back up I'm deafened again.

ALSO! For some reason, it sounds like there are crickets living in my ears. Everytime I take a step I hear a cricket cricketing in my head, like the sound of tiny bells. I actually can't hear my alarm in the morning due to my plugged ears. So if anyone feels the need to ring me early in the am (early = 8ish) please do so.

I have started late-winter bike riding and so very much look forward to getting my bike tuned up. I need new brake pads, cables, general guck removal, and about 18-L of lube on my chain. I could clean and lube it myself right now, but that involves using water outdoors which will result in my wee hands going numb. When hands are numb, I cannot use them properly which could result in a comedic cleaning DISASTER!

At work we were doing a walking challenge. There are teams of eight in the various departments across campus. We wear pedometres and record how many steps we take weekly. I was doing well until, of course, I lost my pedometre. And by "my" pedometre I mean Hannah's pedometre. So I bought another one with the intentions of giving it to Hannah upon completion of our wee challenge.

Until I lost the second pedometre. I think it is somewhere in the Ottawa Airport, or possibly sitting on a plane. So I lost two pedometres. For those that are unfamiliar, a pedometre would be the size of a small, thick calculator. It attaches to your pants, skirt, etc. ATTACHES. CLIPS ON.

Yet I managed to lose TWO?! No longer am I allowed to participate in events that rely on not losing something that is small.

Time to sleep! I don't think I woke up today until 2:00pm. I made myself some hot chocolate, waited ten minutes, and attempted to drink it. I semi-burnt my tongue and fussed to myself, but it woke me up. Silly kettle being all hot-water-production like.

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Kalena said...

I lost my pedometer too...does that make you feel better???

I bet both our pedometers are playing together in the Ottawa airport!!!