Wednesday, May 13, 2009

¡ Que dia! π

It just popped into my head:

What defines cheating in a relationship that was not formally established to be a relationship, was not declared as real/official, but was *exactly* like a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with utterances of love and almost constant companionship? What is safely to be assumed an unwritten rule?

Anyway. That's pretty much all that needs to be said. Dwelling on the past is the negative version of 'reflecting on the past'. I feel sorry for the third party involved on the far other side of this great nation. I'm going to assume she has no idea (I really don't know?), at least I had a 99.9% hunch which turned out to be correct, and the benefit of it being more difficult to lie directly to one's face rather than via script or a faceless phone call.

It helps that my intuition is that of a super hero :) it's interesting knowing something is happening that you are not supposed to know about, and whether it is something good or bad. If good, exciting! If bad... how is one to address it? Wait til it blows up in your face? Proactive vs. reactive. I guess it's a matter of preference, put it off and deal with the consequences later, or put on a fake front for awhile and embrace the present.

When it comes to addressing conflict, I am an EXPERT at avoiding it. Eww, conflict! Emotions! Shudder!


It's lunch time. I have no lunch. I meant to wander to the grocery store this am but just plan ol' forgot.

Things I did today that were smart/good:
  • Corrected someone in his use of weighted averages vs. non-weighted averages.
  • Eyeliner: Lined my top lid, THEN the bottom lid. I always forget and end up smudging the bottom when doing the top.
  • Got to work at 8:30!
  • Used a straw to make drinking water "more fun". (I never drink enough water.)
  • Found an error in a graph.
  • Didn't forget to bring anything to work! (I think... so far.)
  • No visits to the vending machine or the $.25-candy machines (so far).
  • Refrained from cursing out loud. I have a pottymouth co-worker. It's contagious.

Things I am Thinking About:
  • My rumbly tummy and why eating seems to have slowed incredibly in the past few days?
  • Working faster to finish my report so I can leeeeeaaaaaave.
  • My poor bike locked up outside, yearning to be ridden in the glorious sunshine.
  • How I could be working on my report instead of writing this... Hmm.
  • How my work ethic is comparable to that of magnifying-glass-fried ant.
  • The difficulties that come with explaining the gloriousness of KFC chicken skin to a vegetarian.(No offense, Jannie :) )
  • My Dr. said my dark hair and skin makes me look me European. (We were talking about in-grown hairs due to an obvious tweezer wound that came from attempting to dig a hair out close to my belly button. Lesson learned: don't do that.)
  • BK: it often smells so disgustingly good when I bike by in the am.
  • Beer: I need a detox. via wine? Wine on warm patio is just not the same though.
  • Long weekend!!!
  • I'm going on an adventure soon in America-land and Upper Canada.
  • My wit is been sorely lacking lately. Perhaps it is napping?
  • Ummm, back to work.
  • I should write children's novels!
"A morning shower is like baptizing your day." - Paul Lewis


Char said...

mmm - KFC Chicken Skin...mmmm, wrapped around a french fry ... mmmmmmm - dipped in thick gravy

Oh god - now I drool

Jen said...

lol - that sounds repulsing.

Only because I don't like gravy.