Sunday, May 10, 2009

oooh, lazy Mother's Day Sunday

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mum :)

I suddenly feel guilty but I'm not much of a card person, so I do not have a card for my mum. But here is what you must know about her: she is wonderful! She does many wonderful things for me, and always has, so much that I could never repay her. She [et papa] let me go to their house when I am down, when I am too lazy too cook, feel the need to brown my skin in the sun, or just whenever I feel like dropping in. She tried to teach me to be clean and organized, but we all know that was a lost cause to begin with. She spent countless hours with me, playing, reading, teaching, letting me "do" her hair (800 ponytails is a clear classic), and playing with her make-up. Apologies to my friends who ended up looking like clowns. Apparently less is more with blue eyeshadow, but I didn't know.

My mum also gives me permission to be an idiot by times. I very much recall in fourth-year uni, dwelling about an ex-boyfriend who apparently reallllly wanted to get back together with me. I was stressed. Turning to my mum with baffled eyes, she said, "It's a bad idea, but I can't say I wouldn't do it if I were you and your age." She was right - it was a bad idea (but doesn't really affect me in the long run), but instead of just telling me I was stupid (which she probably wanted to) she let me learn a lesson from it.

She worries about me, but never enough to tell me not to do something. When I was lonely and thinking backpacking Europe by oneself was a stupid stupid STUUUUUPID thing to do, she came and joined me, completely last minute, and I loved our mini-trip segment together. I was refueled and happily finished my trip after her departure.

I admire my mum because she is quirky, requests the oddest things for gifts ("I need lumber to rebuild the patio." "Umm..."), creative, talented, a hard worker (though me thinks she needs to slow down), is brave, and is a person with a very positive outlook. She complains much less than the average person because her glass is half full.

I like making my mum proud, because I want her to realise she did an excellent job raising me (papa too, but father's day is not for another month :) ). She always shared my accomplishments with me and was equally excited for me when good things happened.

Someday I will give my mum a granddaughter who will love her equally as much. Well, maybe I will give her one. Who knows. But she would like that because she likes the smell of babies' heads. And taking pictures of babies, which thrills me.

In conclusion, why buy a card that tells only a mere fraction of the story? The card I need has never been made.

Happy Mother's Day mum, I love yee!

I was supposed to be at your house three minutes ago... but am still in my housecoat. But I think that's okay because you were sleeping when I called... heh.

Unrelated note: I bought a fender for my bike! Advantage: helps keep me clean/dry. Disadvantage: it clips on and off. I took it off yesterday. Bike is here with me at 223. Fender is at parents'. My pavement is wet. Oh la la, skunk stripe number 48 of the year.

PS ~ I sold my car. It's been good, Wee Red, it's been good.

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SOOOO much my beautiful daughter.