Thursday, December 07, 2006

Today I did very things that tested my patience.

I downloaded stuff from youtube with DIAL-UP.


I was kind of a nerd and watching British commercials/"adverts". Okay, so they were Irn Bru commercials. For anyone who has seen them, I guess around World Cup time (Juneish? I remember because we, in pure class, had a World Cup of Drinking marathon at the Commons) Irn Bru released commercials celebrating Scotland going to the World Cup! HUUUUUGE deal, eh? Well, turns out the Trinidad and Tobago team has a player with the last name Scotland. Hilarious! I was then inspired to watch Orange Wednesday adverts. Dear Lord - those are the funniest things EVER. Really, I don't understand why the cinemas here don't show them. (Actually, I do completely understand - Orange mobile service doesn't exist here so their customers can't take advantage of the Orange Wednesday promotion. DUH.) But I love them.

This is one with Carrie Fisher that I had never seen.

Spike Lee. Also new to me!

Roy Scheider.

Steven Seagal.

I haven't actually watched these all yet, (note the dial-up,) so apologies if they aren't great. And I NEED to find the original one and the Patrick Swayze one. And Ewan McGregor just so I can listen to his fabulous accent.

Note to prospective British or American (I need citizenship) husband: Linking to these proves I have a lovely sense of humour. This is very desirable in a mate.

I watched some of Elf tonight. Good Lord that movie in HILARIOUS.

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Anonymous said...

I don't miss Irn Bru (very much, except to cure hangovers), but I do miss Irn Bru adverts.

Also, feel free to use me as a reference for any propective husbands - I can vouch for your sense of humour!