Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Christmas!

I sent out my pretty Christmas e-card today. I had too many people to send it to, and the third email I sent out failed to attach the picture properly. So I'm posting it here, along with my "fabulous" poem.

The Christmas Tree

Every year it is up to me
to fetch the MacPhail Christmas tree.

Having been a lumberjack for several months
I will admit to being kind of pumped.

I went deep into the woods
As far as I could!

First I headed East
Thinking about the impending Christmas feast.

I eventually turned South
Catching snowflakes in my mouth.

Soon a beaver was tagging along,
And a bluebird followed me singing a song.

I got a bit worried when the wolf appeared,
But I just winked at him and tossed him a beer.

Suddenly a fabulous tree stood right in my path
I estimated its height using some math.

A physics calculation determined the angle of my swing,
And the axe hit the tree with a rather subtle ping.

I dragged the tree to the homestead with a proud trot
Only to discover it was filled with termite rot.

So please, come to Charlottetown and see
My fabulous fake Christmas tree.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I heart you Jen!
And seeing your lumberjane shirt makes me miss you more :(...wanna go on a vacay?!