Thursday, August 24, 2006

Oh yes, and one year ago today I flew from Glasgow - Belfast - Halifax. Wow. I feel like my life is a chapter book. I can't believe it's been a year since I left the UK. I still miss it and find it hard to accept that the opportunity to go back and have that experience again will probably never present itself. That was such a good time... and it's kind of funny, because I had some bad times there (generally work related [exhibit 1 - unemployed almost all of August 2004, exhibit 2 - SWIP FILING EVIL ANGRY ARRRRRRRRGGGHHH!!! July/August 2005]) I rarely think of it and remember only the good things. To the non-Islanders I befriended, Emily, Anne, Grand, etc., hopefully I'll get to see you again soon =)

Edinburgh was more real life. No Bubble. The Bubble is summer camp for a year... or as I like to put it, "like speed-dating for friends" because you develop relationships at such an accelerated pace compared to the real world.

Also UK related, I finally bought the Scissor Sisters cd about a month ago. How many times did I *almost* purchase it at Virgin or HMV on Princes Street?



Cheers! ;)


Kathleen said...


Holy posting spree! I can't believe how much news I missed out on while I was back home. It was great to see you! Thanks for having us over ;)

Congratulations on your extension. That is so great and such a major turn around. I'm looking forward to where life takes you next . . .

Finally, congrats on the S.S. CD. I also have it and it's great . . . it definitely brings back the good times from Edinburgh!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good trip AND wow lots of bloging as of late. Love to read it. Congrats on the extension. Love Ma

Anonymous said...

I miss you lots too!!!! Still pissed off that I had to leave Scotland before I was ready... glad you don't have to leave your current place before you are. I might be headed out East in Oct - will you be home yet? oh, and apparently H&M is coming to Edmonton - and even better, we already have a Zara!