Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Woohoo - I am still in Florida! It's crazy to think that I was originally supposed to be in Canada right now. Although if original plans pulled through I would actually be on a ten-night cruise of the Caribbean right now. Whoops. Instead I have been working six days a week including random double shifts. Fabulous... I thought I was going to crack during the lunch part of my shift yesterday. I probably sounded like a robot and things weren't registering with me very well. When I used to work mostly lunch shifts I would have trouble getting into the groove for the dinner shift. Now it's vice-versa... I work primarly dinner so feel a little off for the first wee bit of lunch.


I am off for two days!! In a row!!! This has been awhile in the making. My last day off was last Sunday and it kind of sucked. Started out alright as I hopped about Sea World, but as I made my way down I-drive it poured. A lot. And I was outside. Sad. Miserable. Kind of wet. And it was Sunday so the Lynx buses don't run very frequently. However, today is... Tuesday (Yup, I did have to think about that,) so the buses should be better and my plans should pull through with greater ease. The sky still has some dark clouds though. My poor, fading tan. Non-existent.

So when one doesn't have many days off, mini-vacations during the week are necessary. The Dec 6th lot was going to Chef Mickey's on their nine-month anniversary and I decided to go as it was my twelve-month anniversary! For a big group, and to make sure it wouldn't interupt work, our reservation was for 7:20 in the morning. After checking out the bus schedule, we decided leaving before the sun has even started to skim the horrizon was disgusting.

So we stayed at the Contemporary Resort instead ^_^ (The resort housing Chef Mickey's.) Erin and I went there after work. For those familiar with the place, we stayed in the tower. We decided the garden wings were ghetto and who wants to stay in an enclosed sidewing when the main draw of the resort is staying in the tower through which the monorail glides through. For the unfamilarized, this is where we stayed. I was rather floored when Erin and I walked into our room - it was really nice. I personally think CR is the most "aged" resort but the rooms were in fabulous condition and likely had been recently refurbished. WOW. Our view was over Bay Lake. The other side of the tower had the Magic Kingdom view. Eventually Mallory and Mel joined us and we grabbed some food, giggled in our room, watched Wishes (MK's fireworks) from an outdoor viewing area and then did the Monorail Drinking Game. Basically you stop and buy a drink at each stop on the monorail line. Except MK, because they don't serve alcohol in that prohibition Kingdom. First stop was the Polynesian aka my happy place. :) :) :) :) :) :) If they would let me live there, I would. I pretty much know its background music now since I have spent so much time poking about.

I just looked at the link I posted... The room pictures are of an old room. Ours was MUCH nicer.

So yes, at the Poly I had a Kona beer from Hawaii. Then we proceeded to the Grand Floridian (my akward place as I feel slightly out of my element there) where I had some Fuzzy Peach drink. Yum, I guess. It was rather zingy with the peach. The lounge there should be much nicer than it is... I find it to be rather dark.

Then we caught the last (or more likely second last) monorail to the Contemporary and visited the Outer Rim lounge. Melanie had a ... SPACE MONKEY!! Wowowowowoowowowoooo (Say it in a loud, deep, echo voice and imagine flashing lights.) I had a banana split drink (mmm.) Mel had the best drink... but it didn't taste much like we thought it would. Like they forgot to put something in it or something.

Then we poked about the arcade which was MASSIVE. And then we went and retired to our room.

And suddenly it was 7:00 and time for breakfast.... Uggh.... too early. We ate and then went back to bed until about ten minutes before check-out time.

I'm still boggled by why Disney would put such an ugly room picture on its own website!!

The end.


Anonymous said...

I knew I took you to Disney for a very good reason when you were a happy little girl.------- To make you a happy big girl!!!! Love to read all your Disney happenings. See you SOON.

Shannon said...


Sounds like you are finishing on a high note. Wish I could visit again (maybe a third visit would warrant a mention on your blog!). Anyways, it sounds like you are slightly concerned about what to do now (or when you get back to PEI). Don't be. As long as Roy & Janet are going to give you a roof under which to sleep for a wee while, don't worry. Take your time. Consider all options. Enjoy just being at home. And I know you miss Edinburgh as much as I do. You can't go back there to live, but you CAN go to Ireland and I am pretty sure you'd have an amazing time there! Or Australia. Or New Zealand. Or a million other places. It's just a matter of making a choice.

Miss ya, love ya,

Anne said...

Hey Jen!

Glad you're doing well. So guess what? I'm headed for Halifax and maybe PEI in October! You guys have to tell me what's good to see... it'll be cool to see your end of the country.