Thursday, April 27, 2006

Well, I'm kind of bummed tonight. Tomorrow morning ma chere Ibitessem is leaving to go to New York City for a week and then heading home to Paris. She's been my roommate since I got here and I'm really sad to see her leave. It's hard not to dwell on it. Before living here I had never shared a bedroom with someone before and it was easily one of the things I was most ansy about. However, she is a fantastic roommate and, even better, a fantastic person. So now it's just Canada and Norway. Well, not quite yet, but in about eight hours it will.

Tonight Marita, my norwegian roommate, cooked us all a fabulous supper and we had kind of a "last supper". Kind of ironic, as it was also our first supper. We've randomly eaten together in mix 'n match fashion, but never the three of us. That happens though, we all had such different work schedules and ate Commons-style dinners. You know, the random food you stuff down your face in the ten minutes you spend eating between getting home from work and getting ready to go out. She fixed me when I looked like a retard or didn't have a clue what looked nice together. That's when we saw each other the most: the hours between 10:30pm and 12:00am. Anyway, I don't want to dwell on it but it's hard. Having an older brother for 23 years, it was kind of neat to have an older sister for seven months. This is my first BIG good-bye... I've seen a lot of people leave, but very few of them I knew very well. I notice they are gone, but it hasn't effected me personally too much. This one is going to be rough. Boo...

Oh, and icing on the cake: we were trying to get it arranged so my frien Katelyn could move in and, despite assurance that it would not be a problem, suddenly it IS a problem and she isn't allowed to move in. Bloody retarded. Sometimes living at the Commons is like having Big Brother watching over you.

Umm, on a more positive note work is going well and the cruise was fan-bloody-tastic!!! Next trip is Puerto Rico at the end of May.

Anyway, I'm too bummed to write about happy things.

I signed up for a 5-kilometre run next Saturday. Hilarity at its finest. I'll let you know if they don't kick me out for being too slow. My goal is 35 minutes. Should be interesting.



Anonymous said...

I miss you!

Kathleen said...

You're alive! (I was worried there for a little bit)

Shannon Courtney said...

Jen, thanks for a fab second time in Orlando. I didn't make the blog cut again eh? I guess I'll just have to keep coming back until I do :) Just kidding! Anyways - Ohana's rocks and so does Earl of Sandwich! Talk to ya soon!