Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring ahead!

Of my seven-day working stretch, five of those shifts start at 10:15. Today, on spring-ahead, change-your-clocks day I am lucky enough not to start until 3:30! Excellent timing, if you ask me.

So why am I working seven days in a row? Because I am going on a cruise on Thursday! So it's a case of early days off one week and my days off for the following week being late in the week. However, I'm pretty sure working a mere seven days in a row (actually not that much,) is worth three-and-a-half boats of being pampered and bumming around a boat filled with food, pools, sunchairs and fun. And yes, it is a Disney cruise I am going on. I figured I really would like to do both a Disney and a non-Disney cruise, but I might as well do the Disney cruise while I am at cast member (as opposed to a relaxing sail right before I head home after the end of my contract) so I can get a discount.

Yesterday wasn't a great day at work. It was just one of those days that I was falling behind because I just couldn't get what I needed. I would run back to grab ice tea for someone and there would be no ice and no ice tea. I would need some plates to put butter, ketchup, dressing, etc., on but there wouldn't be anything. Little things like that happening waaaaaaaaay too closely together drive me mad as it slows me down soooo much thus the guests at my tables sit there wondering if their server is flying down from Canada before she greets their party. I rarely have a good day when I work the Saturday lunch shift. I don't know why, but it just seems to never go smoothly. We were short staffed yesterday but it didn't really seem too busy. It was mostly since we were short we had one fewer person to help get ice, stock stuff, brew ice tea, etc. Anyway, today is a new day. A new day for people to call in, as apparently people call in every single freaking day. I will admit, I called in sick once but I was actually sick. Very sick. I probably could have handled, at most, one table of two at a time. A table of two with no wine and sharing a meal.

My cruise is going to fly by super quick. We leave Thursday morning for Port Canaveral. The ship doesn't leave until 5:00ish and we sail overnight and spend Friday at Nassau in the Bahamas. We then sail overnight Friday to Disney's private island, Castaway Cay, where we spend the day on Saturday night. Sunday morning we get up early and get off the ship as apparently they feel like waking us at a ridiculously early hour, much like a high school -trip to Greece. Hmm. On Saturday night the cruise ship has "Pirate Night". So we get to, if we want, dress up like pirates. I'm pumped! Arrrr, yee matey! Anyway, wouldn't it be quite the thing to own an island? Oh, and if you feel your cash burning a hole in your pocket, Disney offers ocean-side, cabana massages on their island. Ahhhhhh, relaxing. I, on the otherhand, would prefer to get a kayak and a bike. (Not at the same time.)

This week I went somewhere NEW. On Thursday night five of us trucked down I-drive (well, took a cab,) and went to Howl at the Moon. It was good fun - dueling pianos with some very entertaining pianists! However, the bar could use a dance floor. Sometimes sitting still for 2+ hours singing along makes me a little fidgity.

I went to a proper bookstore on Wednesday for the first time in AGES. I was feeling bookstore deprived so decided to use my clever Yellow Page skills (thank you, Balfour Beatty!) to hunt down the closest bookstore. Low and behold, I killed two birds with one stone. I had wanted to go to Pointe Orlando (an outdoor shopping mall type place,) for quite awhile and it turnes out it has a bookstore. Woo! So I spent some money.

Anyway, I'm oot.

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Kat said...

Hey Jen!

You're sooooo lucky going on a cruise. Someday, I will do that too. And, maybe someday I will own my own Island . . . let me know if you ever head my way.