Saturday, March 18, 2006


I just realised that I am soooo far behind in this blog. Remember that time I went to Los Angeles? Oh, right, no, because I barely wrote anything about it.

It was great. Day was is highlighted two posts ago. Day two was spent in "glorious" Hollywood poking about and on a tour. I have pictures. Vee and I went to Santa Monica that day as well, it was VERY nice! (Glorious without the quotation marks.) We went down to the beach and I got wet in the Pacific Ocean. I wanted to touch it, just because I had never seen it before. Well, I kept walking a little closer to the water's edge, hand reached out to touch the sea. The waves stopped coming in so far but I knew better than to keep venturing out. I shrugged, and called it a day. I turned around to rejoin Vanessa on the beach where she was holding my camera. Three...two... one... a wave comes crashing around my feet and my sneakers are soaked, along with the bottom three inches of my pants! Zut alors! Luckily Vanessa had some flipflops in her bag so I wore them for the rest of the day.

After Santa Monica we took a super long bus ride to Disneyland!! Yup, we are nerds. We left Walt Disney World and went to Disneyland. But we got in for free, so it's okay :) Disneyland was AWESOME! It was so much fun... I've kind of worn out the fun of Walt Disney World, so Disneyland was refreshing as it was different, but the same... It was smaller, but it looked so nice as they really spiffed it up for the 50th-Anniversary celebration. Some rides were completely new to me, and some were familiar. Splash Mountain was a bit different, and for some reason the water current must have been on "rush those suckers through!" high speed as it seemed like we zipped through the whole ride. We also went to Disney's California Adventure. I can see why people don't like it, as it does kind of lack the typical Disney touch, but I was expecting it to be worse. I LOVED the rollercoaster there! Also, any park wise enough to house Tower of Terror has to be good, eh?

On Sat night we arrived at Disneyland just in time to take in the fireworks. They were so great - they almost made me cry. Turning into such a sap, I am. They started off similar to the ones at the Magic Kingdom but took a twist as the firework show has sections devoted to different attractions in the park.

We went on the Matterhorn at night and it kind of scared the crap out of me. By the time we got back to our hotel circa 11:30 we were exhausted and pretty much crashed. Early morning the following day as we had to head back to Disneyland and get to the airport. By the way, important to note that you need your MAINGATE to get into Disneyland!! Really didn't see that one coming and I had only my WDW ID. Luckily Vanessa had hers with her. So in we went. Same deal on Sunday morning.

On Sunday night we flew out of LA at about 10:00 and got into Orlando at about 6:30 in the morning. I slept for, well, an hour or so and then hopped off to work.

It really wasn't my best day at work. My years were really plugged up from the plane and I was having a TERRIBLE time hearing people! It also sort of threw my balance off. And, of course, I was soooo tired.

The end.

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