Saturday, March 04, 2006

So today I couldn't remember where O'Leary was. Whoops. I was pretty sure it was up west somewhere. Candace confirmed to me that, indeed, it is west.

Actually, my geography knowledge of PEI was never much good. I know my way around places that I travel on foot or by bus a lot. Most my journeys around PEI were before I learned how to drive so I never paid much attention. Post receiving a drivers licenced, I generally travelled to Bordon (bonjour, bridge!) or the beach someone. (Twenty minutes in any general direction, really.)

There are so many Canadians around here that you never feel "isolated", for lack of a better word, from your culture. Expect on Wedneday. On Wednesday night I was at a throw-out and following the throw-out was discussing the following day's ice cream social to be held at work. (Thirty days without an accident! Lets have ice cream!) I started to sing the song Ice Cream from Anne of Green Gables and NO ONE knew what I was singing. Mind you not every single Canadian was around... but still! Someone said, "Are you just making up some random ice cream song?" GASP!!! NOOOO!!! So I said I would find the lyrics to the song and teach them some of it. Low and behold, the internet has failed me, and I could NOT find the lyrics to the song anywhere online.

I've recently developed a fondness for steel drums. Maybe we can update Ice Cream with steel drums? Ha ha!

The weather here is AMAZING. I LOVE SUMMER. The past couple of nights it has been warm enough for shorts in the evening. I love it. Winter? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! I get confused and sometimes think, "I guess we're just getting a warm front..." but then realise that we are getting pretty seasonal weather with some days being warmer and some being cooler. I can't believe I'm going to have to put up with winter next year. However, I do recall purchasing an extra-classy orage winter coat towards the end of last winter (Hello, 9GBP, Foxhole!) that may make dealing with winter easier.

As some of the masses know, my mum, grandmother and two cousins were visiting this week. I met them at their hotel on Saturday night and bummed about for a bit. On Sunday I worked in the lunch shift and met up with them afterwards. I finally had one of those "make your own marshmellow/apple/rice krispe/calor-ific! treat" things at Goofy's Candy place at Downtown Disney. They look better than they taste. However, what else would we expect from American chocolate? Dear US: Stick to your Root Beer and hot dogs; Europe has you beat on this one. Speaking of which, anyone wanting to send me British easter chocolate is more than welcome to. Just wanted to clear up any confusion on that.

On Monday I met up with the fam before work and let them into the parks for the day. I met up with them at the Magic Kingdom when I was done at work, (at no other place can, "I'll meet you at Cinderella's Castle," be met with such an understanding nod,) and we went on rides, because that's what people do at Disney World. I also ate really, really hot soup. I should have spilled it on me and sued. I proceeded to pretty much fall asleep on the monorail back to the TTC AND on the bus back to the Commons. Somehow, I summoned the energy to go to Pleasure Island that night. Call me a trooper! I bought a drink called "The Big Apple Martini" or something similar. WOW. Ninety-eight percent alcohol, I would venture. Bing!

On Tuesday I worked than went with non-family Sandra to the Earl of Sandwich. After visiting the Earl, a visit to Subway is never the same. I remember when I thought Subway was good. Earl of Sandwich blows Subway soooooo far out of the water that... umm, I can't think of a clever way to end that phrase. Afterwards we wandered about and grabbed a PROPER PINT (!!!) at Raglan Road and sat outside. It was quite nice! And, having been drinking American beer for the better part of six months, the Stella seemed rather strong. Super Tennants strong. We were going to head out that night but somehow got sidetracked but were still up til 3:00 am anyway. Thus the life of the Commons.

Wednesday the phone woke me up about two hours too early. So I ended up meeting the family at random Disney hotel for a swim/snooze in the sun. Then I dragged my ass too work with an entire TWO minutes to spare.

Thursday was park day again! I also ate at Le Cellier for the first time. That's right, I actually ate at my workplace. It turns out the food IS amazing and I haven't been lieing to everyone!! And maple creme brullee is worth the fuss people make over it. It may even beat the apple cobbler... Thursday night was Chase's throw out. I'm bitter about his leaving, but anyway.

Then there was Friday - Typhoon Lagoon with Keltie and Vanessa day!!!! I tell ya, this place should be featured front and centre in all Walt Disney World advertising. That water park is AMAZING. I'm so glad it's not "winter" anymore so we can go to water parks. I heart you, Typhoon Lagoon! Anyway, said good-bye in the evening after a plate of half-assed nachos from Bennigans. Kind of sad. Both saying good-bye and the sub-par nachos.

Speaking of Bennigans, don't bother unless you're there for the bar.

And now we are at Saturday. I worked today. It sucked. Sometimes I'm not in the mood for work but it fades once I get there and start working. I just couldn't get into it and didn't enjoy myself very much. I have had a lot of Saturdays off as of late, which is good as it seems whenever I work a Saturday they go terribly wrong. Ah well, third time is the charm with next Saturday!

My six-month anniversary is on Monday. I can't believe it. I feel like I have accomplished NOTHING. Even with an average of one trip per month I won't make it everywhere. What is a girl to do? And what about when I go home? I don't know what to do. At all. Will someone give me guidance? How is whatever I do supposed to even compare to the last two years of my life?! Or even the three years as my last year of University was quite the blast as well.

I think I expect too much of myself at work. Want everyone to love me, and annoyed at myself when I don't get refills out before the guest actually asks for them. But I also get annoyed that people drink so much soda. Are you SURE you need that much more sugar?? Or maybe I should just stop reading Don't Eat This Book. I swear I don't know what to eat anymore. What's low in calories, fat, sugar, and carbs? At the same time, it should be high in fiber?

Mmm, water and apple peelings.

I remember before I came to Florida I thought, "Wow, I am going to buy so much cool clothing and be, like, so cool in my cool clothing of coolness!"

I haven't been to the Florida Mall once. Not a single journey. I have bought some stuff, but considering how much I have worn a lot of my clothing I'm sure some more could be replaced.

Anyway, phone rang so I'm oot!


Anne said...

I miss you and I miss Scotland. I am going through a period of severe travel withdrawl, so I definitely empathize with that - but at least you're living somewhere warm!

Shannon said...

I miss you too Jen! I suggest you not worry about what to do when you get home . . . options will present themselves, of that I have no doubt. And I am sure you'll find another adventure to embark on! mention of Tash, Thomas & Shannon visiting? Poor disappointed he missed his opportunity to be French ;) Write me an email when you can!!