Saturday, October 23, 2010

Summit Preparations

Long, long ago, three brave travellers headed out to climb the summit of PEI. The day prior had been extremely busy: two had dipped into the icy harbour and all three played at the levees during various intervals of the day. Although the crew was slightly fatigued, January 2nd had a big adventure awaiting the Three.

Base camp was located in Fredericton, PEI. Poorly armed with a GPS with a dwindling battery life and no source of hydration, the three failed to reach the summit of PEI. Although they did overcome a variety of challenges (fierce winds, not knowing where to go, thin air at high altitudes,) the overwhelming sense of failure was something that would haunt them for months.

Until now.

Although Team Member H is no longer with us (off to Newfie-land she went, b'y,) the remaining two members have put months into preparing for Summit Attempt no. 2. They have been exercising at high altitudes (the air is so thin at 140M), consulting maps, and researching the necessary equipment. All this has built up to Saturday, October 23. The leaves have changed on the trees... but something else has changed as well. We have been stripped of the innocence of our childhoods are our forced to face our mortality. The trek to the 140-m summit will likely be dangerous. Foxes have been known to frequent the woods of this fine province, with some growing up to 17 *dangerous* pounds.

You cannot tell me this doesn't make your heart stop cold in fear.

Supplies needed for the excursion:
  • Walking sticks - at least three each. High potential of breakage.

  • Gatorade (red) - we will be sweating lots and will need to constantly refuel.

  • Compass.

  • GPS.

  • Oxygen mask (again, 140m.)

  • Tent and sleeping bag - should night fall before we reach base camp on our descend.

  • Flare gun.

  • Protein bars.

  • Water purification tablets.

  • Cupcakes.

  • Axe.

  • Snowshoes (you never know when the weather might change).

  • Bathing suit (you never know when the weather might change).

  • Life size cutout of Tom Selleck.

  • Donkey (for travel mate).

  • Llama (for me).

  • Bible.

  • Sushi (Mr. Potato Roll).

  • Fishing gear (in case we veer way off course).

  • Fur pellets (in case we need to barter with the local tribes).

  • Polio vaccination (in case we need to barter with the local tribes).

  • Radio (for our dance off!)

  • Shovel.

  • And lastly, Christmas tree decorations, just in case the adventure take much longer than we originally planned.

Please keep us in your thoughts.

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Kalena said...

I'm so happy to see that cupcakes are on the list!!!
Cupcakes are important on every adventure!!!