Sunday, April 04, 2010

Things to get ready for

(Things for which to get ready, if we desire to be grammatically correct.)
  1. The Red Island Relay. It's a fundraiser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation consisting of two running legs, two cycling legs, and one canoe/kayak leg. Apparently I am feeling in shape. How misleading I am to myself. The most challenging leg will take place at 7:00am: waking up and being able to function without hissing at people.

  2. PEI Biking for Breakfast Challenge. Apparently I think I have the ability to bike 275-ish kilometres in one day. At present, I do not have this ability. There is a good chance I won't have the ability when early August rolls around. However, I have recently seen a few episodes of the Biggest Loser (such a confessional to admit I occasionally watch it) and am intrigued by the prospect of finding my physical limit. The contestants apparently sometimes work out to the point of tears and vomitting. Apparently I want to bike from one end of PEI to the other to see if it will make me cry (very likely) or vomit (very unlikely). This would require a bike upgrade if I even wish to consider reaching and surpassing the halfway point. Another option is to do a portion of the course... we'll see.

  3. Closely monitor the most important website ever invented.

After a string of flats and strings of under-the-breath profanity, bicyclette noire got the greatest Easter gift of them all on Saturday: new tires. Front and back. New, skinnier, sexier tires. Eighty kilometres and thirty hours later, still no flats. Amazing.

The screws fell out of one of my toe clips on early in the week. I tried to fixed it using a bobbie pin and a safety pin. Needless to say that failed about 5-km later.

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