Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fashionably yours, Olympia.

I am in LOVE with the Olympics. I have watched more tv since Friday than I've watched in the previous eight weeks combined.

Having watched so many Olympians fly down hills, plunge through moguls, and dash around ovals I have discovered that the Olympics are filled with memories that will never fade.

But it is also filled with fashion faux-pas that will be eternal. Actually, I shouldn't say faux-pas, they are more so "different" selections than what would be deemed the norm.

Exhibit A: Ukraine's Atiana Volosozhar, Stanislav Morozov, figure skaters in the short program.

(link to image as I obviously do not own the copyright)

Now, the shiny blue unitard may look a bit awkward, but let's think logically. If you were the female, would you rather wear a full body suit while being tossed and lifted into the air, or wear a fluttery skirt which is two inches long that sort of covers your hip bone. All of a sudden you are lifted into the air by your partner, skirt fluttering in the breeze. The equivalent of a bathing suit bottom is covering you. Your legs are spread wiiiiiiiiiide open. A mere centimetre displacement of fabric will make figure skating become an x-rated event.

Jen Mac chooses unitard.

Exhibit B: Norway's male curling team

AMAZING!! [link to picture]

The shirts are hideous. Just kidding, clearly the bottoms are the focus. They look like they belong on the joker in a deck of cards. But, i must confess, I have owned pants with bizarre prints back in the day. I had a keen interest in plaid pants, and vertically striped pants. Perhaps they were supposed to lengthen my legs?

Bonus Exhibit C - 1992 - Snowglobe
Opening ceremonies, 1992, Albertville, France

I was looking for a picture of Monaco's sweaters from the opening ceremonies and came across this gem. The first Olympics I really remember were those in 1992, but the ones in Barcelona, not Albertville. France is supposed to be very fashionable, so they chose to dress their sign ladies in... giant snowglobes.

There are others to discuss, and more that will need to be discussed in the future, but I must go to beer club. I wasted too many minutes looking for the perfect picture and, alas, did not find it.

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