Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Time machine

Today something was said to me at work that made me flashback to last summer and realise how much life repeats itself.

Last night I saw reading some stuff I wrote during a sad phase of last year (not too long after I blew my top/lost yee olde temper and broke up w/ le Boyfriend) and realised how much 2009 is shaping up to look like another 2008. And how much of an absolute wreck I was at this time last year. Whoops.


I don't want to do 2008 again, it was kind of icky.

Although it's not 2008 again, otherwise I would not have went to Hawai'i/San Diego/BC... I would had went to AB and FL.

My leg hurts. I cut it with my new bike pedals. I don't understand how I do such things, but I do. I also bumped my arm against my handlebars today and bumped my handlebars against my thigh shortly after.

Why do I keep hurting myself? I half expected the arm to bruise.

A close friend has been gone on a kayaking adventure for five days and I feel like a mom for starting to become concerned about his lack of communication and potential drowning at sea. I just looked at the Guardian's online website and no one has reported a kayak mysteriously floating about without an owner. Plus one point Thomas survival. Who moves away on Monday. Oh, Dear.

It's now 12:34. That's one of my favourite times.

I don't want to work this summer. Today was 23C. I'm ready to retire, folks! Hurrah! It's been a good two years in the industry. I'm ready to collect my CPP.

Good night.

PS~I've been getting to work early as of late. Woohoo!

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Anne said...

I wish I had some money instead of being a starving grad student. Then we could plan something cool maybe. Travel (even a little bit) perks up the worst of years!