Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yesterday was such a nice day, weather wise. I feel like the reward of suffering through the winter is starting to show. PEI has recorded below seasonal temperatures for what feels like forever. Yesterday was well above seasonal and I feel like PEI finally got a break.

In exciting news I get new bike pedals tomorrow. Hurrah! They are curiously cracked in a variety of places. Do I have heavy feet?

I had a pimple under my eyebrow a couple of days ago. An ideal place as no one can see it; and I can't see it thus don't constantly scratch at it.

When biking around yesterday I noticed Hunter's patios were packed. It's a sign of summer. Also, a tanning session was held on the parents' patio. My co-tanner received the Season's First Burn; I seem to have faired okay.

Bye. Zzzz.

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