Sunday, June 17, 2007

This is my first complete weekend off since... Well, ever since I started working at the Delta. End of March, I guess. Since then, until I finished at the Delta one week ago today, I think I had two days off... and both of those were in early April, ha ha! So now I feel so free. Yesterday Janielle and I layed on the deck on my parents' house for the afternoon. I was outside pretty much from 12:00 until 7:00. The drastic sunburn on my chest and the 4-square-inch patch on my left thigh show that sunburn is not to be over rated. I put sunscreen on my face, shoulders, and forearms (seemed to make sense since I was cutting the grass in a tank top and kind of forgot about the rest of me. This is actually the worst sunburn I have ever had. Weird, since I recall spending alllll day outside at the beach in the Bahamas and leaving with my nose having a faint red tint, and that was it. However, one could argue that I have been indoors for most of winter, so my skin's, umm, "natural shield" has regressed and no longer stands up to the strength of the sun as it did in Florida.

But to make me feel better, Jannie is about 3x worst than me =P

Today I cut grass, cleaned my car, and vacuumed our stairs. The stair thing doesn't seem like a big deal, but it was because blue lint from someones blanket was pretty much pasted to the carpet. So the next lovely lady of 223 who drags her blue blanket up the stairs will be forced to pick each individual piece of lint off the carpet and eat it. WITHOUT ketchup. Whoa.

It's Father's Day today. Happy Father's Day, Papa~! I guess you're in Calgary, although you and mum never called to say you safetly made it. If *I* hadn't have called I would be disowned from the family.

My hand hurts no more typing.

PS ~ our pirate party was fabulous. Any party that involves costumes is always grand.

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