Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oooh, mes pieds!

I forgot what a horrible runner I am today and decided to hop on the treadmill for a 5-km walk/run. (After discussing my bridesmaid dress is "a bit snug". It fits decently, but I look like an enlarge green grape.) I have issues with my right foot; I'm convinced it's attached to my leg on an awful angle. I walk/run on the outside part of my foot which makes running more than two seconds "a special challenge". I also get bad shin splints, but I think those would go away if I ran on a consistant basis. Long story short, it took me about 32 mins to go 5 kilometres, and the tops of my feet ache.

Halifax over the weekend was excellent! Beauty and the Beast was a fantastic show and the cast was brilliant. Would have prefered to see it in NYC, but I guess that childhood dream will die a terrible death =( Tear! I got to see some ex-Disney Castmembers and it was soooo great! It's such a feeling of relief being around people who understand. People who know what's it's like to sit in your own home, in your hometown, and feel so incredibly homesick that you want to rip out your own kidney. Sigh. But it brought back the experience a bit too much, it made me ache to go back for another contract. But then I think about speiling the bread until my jaw was ready to crack and land on the floor. Then not so much.

But THEN I think about PI, HOB, Chillers, Blue Martini, Jellyrolls, sleeping at the Poly, BW, AKL, etc., and I would rip off my left leg (or maybe the right one since my right foot is more sore than the left one) and eat it in exchange for another contract.

In Halifax I got to go to a "real" club which was fantastic. Halifax has a new bar/club/something that opened up, the Coconut Grove and I wanted to go soooo badly. I mean, there was a sign out front promoting two martinis AND a cheeseplate for $10.00. Such a fantastic deal! It had open, outdoor seating on the second floor (technically the roof of the neighbouring building) and was playing great music that reminded me of the boat cruise we went on in San Juan. Alas, it was not meant to be. Maybe next time.

And there is nothing like travelling with non-night people to confirm that one is indeed a creature of the night and "a trooper" in the nightlife scene. ;) (Donde esta mi amigos de Floride cuando los necesito?) Anyway, to sum it up, coming home on Sunday was quite saddening. I'm old by PEI standards and am supposed to be popping out babies or something. Instead I spend most of my time thinking about events that happened at some point in the past three years and wondering how long I'll last on PEI before I start to get a twitch to explore something new. Me thinks it won't be that long...

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