Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Today at work #1 I was listening to music, as usual. A song came on and I was thinking about how different songs spur up different memories. Now we shall take a wee stroll down memory lane... (Beware - most of these conjure visions of Scotland or Florida. And dear Shan - the first one makes me laugh every. single. time. I hear the song.)
  1. Big Yellow Taxi - Filthy McNasty's, more specifically, the bartender (Ruairi?) that sang it all the time at karaoke. Even if I am in the saddest mood, play this song and I will laugh my face off.

  2. Sweet Child of Mine - Shan Courtney, Old Guy, and the Walkabout. Old Guy was there every Saturday night (as were we - after we got over the Filty's thing) and was big into the air guitaring. Everytime Sweet Child of Mine came on he would air guitar his lil' heart out. He would actually be on the floor/stairs leading up to the stage on his back. He had signature sunglasses that he wore all the time, except once in a while he would lend them out to his randomly changing posse.

  3. Wishes! - this was the music that played during the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. It opens with music, Jiminy Cricket, and children singing so sweetly it breaks your heart. And, umm, may make your eyes water a bit. Once the song/show is over, there is a condensed version playing as people leave the park, flood Main Street, or go back to going on rides. That part gives me such nice memories of walking down Main Street and makes me want to hug someone. Anyone. Play the song and come visit me if you need a hug.

  4. Me and Little Andy - by Dolly Parton. I used to sing this song when I was little. Looking at the lyrics, it was a rather sad song, but the deaf child in me didn't know the lyrics word for word, more so sounds and syllables randomly being strung together. Not too long after singing this song I was twirling/"dancing" and stepped on Brother's foot with my plastic high heels. Thanks to the watchful eyes of my parents, he didn't kill me.

  5. Kokomo - I "sang" this song after I stepped on Jeff's foot. I saw the Beach Boys in concert (TWICE) at Epcot during Food and Wine 2005 and realised I had the majority of the lyrics terribly wrong.

  6. O Canada - so this should fill me with patriotic warmth, but it actually reminds me of the F Bus and the Monday-night trips to Pleasure Island. For the unfamiliar, fill a coach bus with multiple, drunk nationalities "singing"/screaching at the top of their lungs. I always felt bad for the bus driver - Wayne.

  7. La Gasolina - Vanessa and I dancing with Food & Wine folk at Motion (PI).

  8. Living on a Prayer/almost anything Bon Jovi - The Three Sisters! That front, cave-like room. I recall once during the Fringe Fesitval being there late with Shan and a bunch of drunk guys standing on the benches along the wall singing along.

  9. Anything by Sean Paul - Ma soeur! Smiley/Titi, my French roommate from my first seven months in Florida =)

  10. Hella Good (No Doubt) - Heidi, singing at the Roost.

  11. I'm not a Girl, not yet a Woman - again, Heidi at the Roost. Specifically, her standing with the mic glaring at, I believe, Shan and I, and saying in a sad voice, "I thought I had friends..." because we refused to sing that with her. Eventually we felt guilty and uh, swayed in the background or something.

  12. Paradise by the Dashboard Lights - Filthy McNasty's. Someone ALWAYS sand it, and it was sooo long, but I liked it regardless.

  13. Old MacDonald Had a Farm - my cousin Keltie. This was one of her favourite songs when she was little - REALLY little! I remember her crying in the car on the way to Sussex in her car seat, and me singing it over and over and over and over and over and ooooooooover again.

  14. Bad Case of Loving You - (is that the name? Hmm) Grad week at Peake's!!! The pubcrawl on Thursday, and going there grad night on Saturday.

  15. Love Shack - Shan Curtis and I singing at the Roost. An awful, awful experience and I now hate the song. Two quotes: Shan, "I can't see the words!" (a consequence of our beverage choices for the few prior hours) and me, "Is it over yet?"

  16. Everytime We Touch - (by Cascada - I listen to her far too much at work) Mannequins!!!!! I love it. LOOOOOOVE it.

That is all for the moment. Because I started typing this over two hours ago and then got gabbing on the phone and watching American Idol. Mwwwa. More song memories shall flood through my head as the night concludes. And tomorrow. And the day after.


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