Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Random work-day thoughts:

• Definitely not a morning person. Still. And probably forever.
• I need to go to New York City to realize my child-hood dream of seeing Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. I didn’t do this when I was in NYC for my 23rd birthday (!!) because I was on podium and feeling poor. Now, the show closes at the end of July. After thirteen years of procrastinating, now is the time. I can fly from Ch’town for about $500. I need to go. Plus this time I won’t be trudging about in NYC the day after a storm, so site-seeing may be a wee bit easier!
• I bought a wee radio with headphones (about the size of an MP3 player) at the Dollar Store a few days ago. The radio was crap and wouldn’t pick up any stations in the gym. I figured that was acceptable, I mean, we are talking Dollar Store here. The earphones worked well though, so I figured it was really a one-dollar investment on earphones. Until I yanked them out of the radio too quickly this morning and they broke. So my $1.16 investment was terrible. Should have put it in an RRSP…
• You know, it’s cheaper to go to London Gatwick from Halifax than it is to go to NYC (La Guardia, I think,) from Ch’town. Oh, and flying is starting to make me feel morally irresponsible thanks to the talk I went to delivered by David Suzuki. So I’m feeling a bit torn because I loooove traveling and driving is just not an option for so many destinations. Nor is bus, or the non-existent PEI rail.
• I admit to stick checking the weather in Orlando, and usually sighing sadly followed by longing glances out the window.
• I’m excited to walk home today as it’s, apparently, like, eight degrees outside!!!!! Which is better be, because I’m wearing a skirt and don’t have any pants with me.

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Anonymous said...

I'll meet you in NYC... wanna do it?