Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jen gets frustrated because the alignment on one of her resumes gets throw off. It was initally drafted on Shan's laptop in Edinburgh, and I made many alterations but forgot to change the page type. A4 paper is useless here! Ahhh!!!

Yesterday and today I was looking at some job openings with the Feds. There were a few that I know I'm qualified for that are openining up in the National Capital Region. However, you have to live within 125-km of Ottawa to be eligible!!! Quoi? I mean, we're all Canadians, aren't we? =(

I also found a couple of jobs that one must qualify for EI in order to apply. I do not quality for EI as I was living the US and working for an American company. However, I may be eligible for the American version of EI?! Hmm, something to look into. I worked in the US for longer than 52 continuous weeks... Hee hee! Thank goodness I had that last-minute extension ;)

Well, my goal to be in bed by 12.30 failed. Here's going for a 1.30 fallback!

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