Thursday, January 18, 2007

The highlight of my day was getting my transcript from UPEI. Not only did it have my marks on it, but it also had the class average from each class I took. I was smack on the average for two of my English classes, and the rest of my classes were above the average! The highlight was Math 111 - I got 99% (*cough* nerd) and the avearge was 65%.

Interestingly, the median for Intro. Accounting I was 78%. (This keener got 90% ;) ) The median fell rather dramatically for Intro Accounting II: 57%!! What happened, former classmates? I"m sure the switch I made from Dave Adams to Ab Ferris really didn't make THAT big of a deal as the exams, midterm and assignments were the same for both professors. I was also smack on the average in Project Management in fourth year. I believe that to be irrelevant as it was a sorry excuse for a class, and I'm pretty sure I gave that class the worst course evaluation EVER. I won't get into it now, except I have noted that the course has been offered again at UPEI. Hopefully they fixed it up and made it into something worth paying for than $3.00 for.

Time to make supper!

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